Wildlife Safari In Nepal

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Wildlife safari in Nepal is an adventure-filled experience that enables visitors to walk past some of Nepal's dense and recognized forests to view exotic flora and fauna. Holiday Planner Nepal has come up with the national park jungle safari package for those who seek to see rare and endangered species of the world from a closer view. Wildlife viewing in group or solo is a unique experience and comes under the budget. These budget-friendly packages mainly focus on providing the best jungle experience in short intervals.

These meticulously designed packages are suitable for individuals, groups, or families. Jungle safari can be done by any age group who wishes to get on the thrilling ride. The significant locations for safari in Nepal are Chitwan and Bardiya, which are home to Chitwan National Park and Bardiya National Park, respectively.

The trip can be done all year round, irrespective of the season; however, most of the sightseeing can be done by visitors in two seasons, spring and autumn. Spring, which lasts from March to May, and autumn, which lasts from September to November, are considered the peak season for wildlife safari.

Similarly, besides touring around the forest in a private vehicle, other activities are also included in the package. Some of the activities that can be done inside the wildlife safari package are Bird Watching, Butterfly Watching, Elephant Back Safari, Jungle Walk, Tharu Cultural Show, Canoe ride, and many more.

The Chitwan National Park, located in Sauraha, Chitwan, the western part of Nepal, is home to various wildlife species like Wild elephant, Royal Bengal tiger, Four horned antelope, Pangolin, Golden monitor lizard, Python, and many more. Also, Bengal florican, lesser florican, Giant hornbill, Black stork, and While storks are some of the avians found here.

In a similar context, the Bardiya National Park, located in the Bardiya District of Nepal, includes the Royal Bengal tiger, wild elephant, greater one-horned rhinoceros, swamp deer, and black buck. Endangered species like Gharial, marsh mugger, crocodile, and Gangentic dolphins are found here.

So, there are a wide variety of options to choose from if any of the viewers are interested in embarking on this exciting journey. The area is protected, and traveling is very safe. Despite human precautions, the wildlife inside is also heavily guarded and left in its natural habitat as it should be.

Holiday Tours Nepal offers different packages like Chitwan National Park Jungle Safari-2 Days, Bardiya National Park- 2 Days, Chitwan National Park Safari- 3Days, Bardiya National Park- 2 Nights 3 Days, and Bardiya National Park 4 Night 5 Days.