Chitwan National Park Safari - 3 Days

Chitwan National Park Safari - 3 Days
Trip Information
  • Duration3 Days
  • DestinationNepal
  • Difficulty Level Easy
  • ActivityJungle Safari
  • Group Size1+
  • Trip StartKathmandu/Pokhara
  • Trip EndKathmandu/Pokhara
  • Best TimeSept to June
  • Witness the diverse wildlife of Chitwan National Park including the endangered Royal Bengal Tiger, Asian Elephant, Mugger crocodile, Gaur, Indian Leopard, one-horned rhinoceros, and many other varieties of reptiles.
  • Enjoy the thrilling elephant back ride enabling an elevated experience for the travellers through the jungle including a river stream bath.
  • This home to over 540 bird species including, kingfishers, hornbills, and many other avian species makes it a heaven for bird watchers and ornithologists.
  • Observe the Elephant Breeding Centre to learn about conservation efforts for mother elephants and their calves.
  • Visit Tharu villages to learn about the indigenous Tharu people's culture and traditions, including dance performances and cuisine.
  • Capture photographs of the breathtaking vistas, colorful fauna, and diverse flora of Chitwan National Park to create lasting memories.

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Trip introduction: 3 Days Chitwan National Park Safari.

"Let the rhythm of the jungle guide your soul on a Chitwan National Park Safari."

Chitwan National Park often referred to as the "heart of the jungle" a UNESCO world heritage site is renowned for its lush forests and rich biodiversity. Situated in central southern Nepal, approximately 162 kilometers from Kathmandu and 150 kilometers from Pokhara, this national park offers a unique blend of rainforest adventures and cultural experiences. The Chitwan National Park Safari, spanning two nights and three days, is an exceptional choice for those seeking an unforgettable jungle safari adventure in Nepal.

This immersive safari package includes a variety of activities such as an elephant-back safari, canoe tours, jungle walks, and a visit to the elephant breeding center, all set against the backdrop of the pristine Chitwan wilderness. Exploring the nearby villages, witnessing breathtaking sunset views from designated vantage points, and enjoying captivating ethnic dance performances are also part of the itinerary. Moreover, while riding atop an elephant's back, visitors have the opportunity to spot incredible wildlife species, including Bengal tigers, one-horned rhinos, crocodiles, bears, Asian elephants, wild boars, monkeys, and a diverse array of bird species. It's worth noting that these animals roam freely in their natural habitat, with no fences or barriers separating them from the safari enthusiasts.

One of the highlights of the Chitwan National Park safari is the visit to the Elephant Breeding Center, where guests can witness mother elephants caring for their adorable newborns, creating lasting memories. Additionally, the unforgettable canoe trip along the river's shoreline is a remarkable part of the 3-day Chitwan National Park safari experience. As you gently glide down the river, you'll have the opportunity to observe spectacular crocodiles and enchanting bird species, adding to the overall adventure and natural beauty of Chitwan National Park.

Chitwan National Park is known for more than just its spectacular forest beauty and numerous bird and animal species. It also has the distinct cultural legacy of the indigenous Tharu people, which adds another depth of mystery to the visit. A professional guide from Holiday Planner Nepal can provide vital insights into the Tharu way of life, boosting the understanding of the traditions and practices of this dynamic culture.

How does Chitwan National Park Safari start and end?

The Chitwan National Park Safari typically begins in major cities like Kathmandu, Pokhara, or Lumbini. Travelers proceed with a scenic drive from these starting points towards one of the largest national parks in Asia which takes about 4-5 hours depending upon the departure point. Upon arrival, visitors are warmly greeted by the dense jungle and wildlife of the area. The heart of Chitwan safari commences with an elephant back ride, jeep ride or jungle walks towards the trails of the Chitwan National Park. 

Visitors immerse themselves in the jungle area while watching out for exclusive species like One-Horned Rhinoceroses and elusive Royal Bengal Tigers. The trip continues for a peaceful canoe trip along the river with the observation of magnificent bird species and crocodiles can be done along the river shores.

After diving into the wildlife and capturing exotic photographs the tour continues to the Elephant Breeding Centre where visitors can witness the efforts of the government as well as locals for the conservation of the area.  The primary mission of this center is the conservation of Asian elephants by providing a protected and nurturing environment for the wildlife.

This is also a research hub so visitors here can gain valuable information about the scientific research study about the health, behavior, and biology of elephants. This one-of-a-kind trip allows you to see these gentle giants in their native habitat and develop a deeper understanding of their conservation.

Furthermore, cultural aspects are frequently incorporated into the Elephant Breeding Centre's visiting experience. Guests may be able to learn about the local Tharu people, their culture, and their historical relationship with elephants in the region. Chitwan National Park's Tharu culture is profoundly anchored in the region's indigenous heritage. The Tharu people have a distinctive cultural identity, distinguished by their traditional mud and thatch homes, distinct language, and colorful dress. They produce for survival and maintain traditional practices such as music, dancing, and storytelling. Cultural performances, traditional craft demonstrations, and Tharu healing methods are available to visitors. Tharu participation in park conservation and tourism adds to the park's allure. Exploring Tharu culture amid Chitwan National Park's spectacular fauna and lush scenery provides a well-rounded and engaging experience marking the end of this spectacular journey with the wildlife.

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Your trip to Chitwan National Park with Holiday Planner Nepal begins with a scenic drive from starting points like Kathmandu, Pokhara, or Lumbini. The ride is around 4-5 hours depending on the location. Upon arrival at the national park you will check in at the resort. After you've settled down, you can have a lovely lunch. Prepare for an amazing elephant-back safari in the afternoon, traveling deep into the jungle to witness wildlife. Return to the lodge as the sun sets for a well-earned dinner. Stay overnight at the lodge.

    Your second day in Chitwan National Park is packed with activities. Begin your day with a full breakfast at your hotel. Then, engage on an interesting series of activities, beginning with a bird watching tour to witness the park's various avian species. Lunch will be served at the hotel.

    Enjoy a guided rainforest walk conducted by an experienced biologist booked by Holiday Planner Nepal in the afternoon. This immersive experience allows you to explore the beautiful vegetation and fauna of the park. Enjoy a traditional Tharu cultural performance as the day comes to a close. Finish the day with dinner at your favorite restaurant. Stay overnight at the accommodation place.

      After breakfast at your hotel, say goodbye to the enthralling Chitwan National Park. Prepare for a spectacular trip across Nepal's landscapes on your way to Kathmandu, Pokhara, or Lumbini.

      Take advantage of a bird-watching opportunity en route to your destination to continue studying the region's amazing avian life. Enjoy lunch while driving and reflecting on your great Chitwan National Park adventures. Best wishes!!

        Cost Details
        What's Included
        • All pick drop by private vehicle
        • 02 night twin/double shearing accommodation on full board (breakfast, lunch and dinner), tea/coffee, park entrance fee with safari activities with natural local guide
        • transportation form Kathmandu/Pokhara/Lumbini to Kathmandu/Pohara/Lumbini by tourist bus. (if you want both way flight or private vehicle also available on additional cost)
        What's not Included
        • International flight ticket with departure tax (if you need we can provide)
        • Accommodation in Kathmandu (If you need we can provide)
        • Travel insurance.
        • The trip departs everyday if the year
        • The trip and trek is fully customizable we can customize the trip according to the need and necessity of our clients

        • The trip is available for solo travelers group travelers and private travelers

        • We organize the trip for a large group and can provide service for a group of 100+ members as well

        • If the given date are not appropriate for the travllers and trekkers the trip can be conducted on the custom date provided by our clients

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