Kathmandu to Lukla flight ticket 2024-2025

Lukla Airport
Trip Information
  • Duration1 Hours
  • DestinationNepal
  • Difficulty Level Easy
  • Max Altitude2828m/9279ft
  • ActivityFlight
  • Group Size+1
  • Trip StartKathmandu
  • Trip EndLukla
  • Best TimeMarch to May and Sept to Dec
  • Take a scenic flight to the gateway of the Everest region. The astonishing views can be seen from the left side of the plane as we fly to Lukla.
  • As the plane takes off from Kathmandu, witness the change in the landscape as we fly from 1350 meters to 2864 meters.
  • Witness the majestic Himalayas like Dorje Lhakpa, Gauri Shankar, and other Himalayas during the flight to Lukla.
  • Experience landing at one of the most notorious airports in the world, situated at an altitude of 2864 meters (9,334 feet).
  • Enjoy the walk across the town of Lukla and experience the Sherpa culture and the culture of the mountains after landing at the airport.
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Introduction: Kathmandu to Lukla flight ticket 2024-2025

The Lukla airport was built under the supervision of Sir Edmund Hillary in 1964 A.D. The airport was supposed to be built on flat farmland, but due to the rejection and lack of support from the locals, the airport was shifted to its current location. The land was bought by Sir Edmund Hillary for $2650, and after buying the land, the locals were brought to work. The runway was not paved until 2001 A.D.

Locals say that they used to drink liquor and perform foot-stomping dances to make the runway's soil comfortable during landing. Finally, in 2008, the airport was named after the first climbers of Everest, Tenzing Norgay Sherpa and Sir Edmund Hillary, and then the airport became Tenzing- Hillary Airport.

Is Lukla considered one of the most dangerous airports in the world?

The airport at Lukla, which is named Tenzing-Hillary Airport, is considered one of the most dangerous airports in the world, but the safety standards have developed a lot since it was built 5–10 years ago. The runway of Lukla Airport has been reconstructed and stretched to 527 m (1,729 ft). The helicopter landing place has been shifted to the right side of the airport, which was previously located on the right side of the Lukla Airport runway.

The Lukla airport is situated at an altitude of 2846 meters (9334 feet), which triggers factors like the wind, weather conditions, high mountains and hilly terrain, and the runway, which is 527 meters but is still short compared to the normal airports. The landing takes place at the Tenzing Hillary airport, which lies on a hill.

Lukla airport has had incidents in the past, for example, in the years 2008, 2010, and 2012, but with the years and development in technology, things are getting better, and the plane pilots, plane operators, and staff weather reading patterns have developed. It's a lot safer now compared to how it was 5–10 years ago.

Why book this ticket with Holiday Tours Nepal?

Holiday Tours Nepal has been operating and providing Kathmandu to Lukla both-way tickets and helicopter flights from Kathmandu for a long time. Our years of service have helped us a lot to gain recognition and to have good relationships with the airport staff and the plane operators. Holiday Planner Nepal tries its best to provide the earliest ticket possible, as just six planes are operating for the Lukla flight in 2024/2025, and each plane can carry 16–18 passengers max. In the event of rescheduling the flight, we try to provide the next earliest flight to Lukla possible. In case of bad weather, Holiday Tours Nepal can arrange a helicopter flight to Lukla at the minimal cost possible.

Can the Lukla flight be rescheduled?

Our company can reschedule the flight, but notice must be provided at least 24-48 hours prior. After booking the flight, we can help to communicate with the airline, request a change for the desired date, and provide other alternatives when required as per the needs of the clients and the trekkers.

Note: - The Lukla flight can be rescheduled in case of need, but we cannot guarantee that after rescheduling we will get the next flight. We will try our best, but Lukla has just six airplanes operating, and a lot of tourists travel to Lukla, so we might get the second or sometimes the third or fourth flight.

Flights operating to Lukla can carry 16–18 passengers max.

It takes a 10% charge to reschedule the flight to Lukla. Sometimes the flights are booked from Kathmandu, and due to air traffic in Kathmandu at the time of rescheduling, we might get the flights from Ramechhap. During the peak season, flights operate from Ramechhap, and only a minimum of 1-2 flights operate from Kathmandu, and this is also to carry stuff like petrol or airport staff.

How many days prior should the flight to Lukla be booked?

Kathmandu to Lukla and Lukla to Kathmandu flights must be booked at least 15–30 days before the travel date. There are a lot of tourists, and during the season, usually after 11–12, the clouds show up, and that's when the flights get stopped. So the early flights trekkers and travelers get—that's the best. Providing the booking details 30 days in advance helps us get the first or second flight.

What are the services provided by Holiday Tours Nepal after booking the flight to Lukla?

The services provided by us after booking a flight to Kathmandu from Lukla are:

  • We can help book accommodations during the whole trip.
  • We can arrange a guide for the required trek with a knowledgeable local guide who knows the place better.
  • We can obtain the permits for the Everest region trek, which need to be obtained before the trek.
  • Trekkers who don’t have trekking gear can rent the gear in Kathmandu, and Holiday Tours Nepal representatives will help get all the gear.
  • In case of an emergency, We can arrange air ambulances, helicopter rescues, and support for further medications.
  • Booking at the hotel in Kathmandu before and after the trek can be arranged by us.
  • Transportation service to and from the airport and even during time in Kathmandu can be arranged by us, which even runs a business named Vehicle for Travels for vehicle renting inside Nepal.

Lukla airport is not fully developed compared to today’s technology, so what should we do?

To be honest, the airport of Lukla is not fully developed with today’s technology, which we can see in any normal airport. Some people might be surprised when they see the condition of Lukla Airport during the peak season. Local authority representatives and airport staff try their best to ensure that people have a safe and on-time flight.

We at Holiday Planner Nepal have airport staff who are native of Lukla.They help to make sure that our clients' flights are on time and to make the flight as hassel free as possible. The rescheduling and flight ticket confirmation are done by our representative at Lukla.

How do we get back from Lukla to Kathmandu? Will anybody help us?

Trekkers can get back from Lukla to Kathmandu via the flight. We always advises all of our clients to get a way ticket. In the event of rescheduling the flight, a 10 percent charge will be taken. When the trekkers are back in Lukla, our airport representatives will help to get the flights confirmed and will tell the time when the flight from Lukla to Kathmandu is happening.

Where is the Lukla airport, and which places does Lukla lead to?

Lukla airport is located in the town of Lukla, and the name of the airport is Tenzing-Hillary Airport. It lies in the Khumbu Pasang Lhamu municipality of Solukhumbhu district of the Koshi province of Nepal.

The airport is famous as it is the gateway to the Everest region and is the entry and exit point for more than 90 percent of the treks that begin and finish here. The Everest base camp trek, Gokyo valley trekking, the Everest three passes trek, and climbing activities begin in the same region, like the mera peak climb, island peak climb, Everest expedition, Lhotse, Nuptse, and Ama Dablam. All the expeditions start from the airport of Lukla, which leads to more than 20–25 treks and expeditions, making this one of the most important airports in Nepal.

Things to know before flying to Lukla from Kathmandu

  • In the morning, the wind usually comes from the northeast side and changes direction to the south-west during the daytime.
  • During the monsoon, more than 50 percent of the flights get cancelled.
  • The airport gets closed due to the wind, usually after 10–11 p.m., due to the strong winds and the clouds that create crosswinds or tailwinds.
  • Having the earliest flight is the best possible chance to fly.
  • Sudden changes in the weather and visibility can delay or cancel the flight.
  • Due to the short runway, the civil aviation authority of Nepal sets high rules and standards for takeoff and landing at Lukla.
  • Nepal police and Nepal armed police perform the security check manually at the airport.
  • The airport is located at an altitude of 2845 m/9334 feet.

What are the things that we can carry during the flight from Kathmandu to Lukla?

Trekkers and travelers can carry their necessary travel documents, passports, visas, tickets, permits, identifications, clothes, and all the layers; trekking poles must be inside the duffel bag; sharp objects are not allowed; oxygen cans and lighters are not allowed; portable chargers and power banks are allowed in the main baggage; ATMs and cash are allowed; cameras and electronics are allowed; and permission is required for drones.

What is the weight limit during the Kathmandu to Lukla flight?

The weight limit for Lukla airport is 10 kg of main baggage and 5 kg of hand carry. If the weight is greater, the cost must be paid extra. Sometimes the plane might be carrying cargo that is essential to take to Lukla, so the extra weight might be dropped off.

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  • Holiday Tours Nepal will provide a designated time for the passengers to be ready.
  • Then, one hour before the flight, trekkers will go to the domestic airport
  • after entering the domestic airport, trekkers will go to the ticket counters, submit their passports and electronic tickets, and get their boarding pass
  • After taking the boarding pass, we went to security, checked our stuff, and entered the terminals or gates.
  • According to the gate or terminal, passengers and trekkers will fly to Lukla.

Note: We can arrange vehicle pick-up and drop services through a private vehicle, which will cost 40$, and the car can accompany a group of 3-4.

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    What's Included
    • Kathmandu to Lukla flight ticket.
    What's not Included
    • Airport pick up and drop service.($40 extra for airport pickup and drop)

    Group Departure
    Book a spot on one of our groups of up to 15 people, which run daily from February to mid-June and mid-September to December. To ensure the safety and comfort of our guests, we do not operate during the monsoon season. Group discounts are available as per group size. Choose a date from the calendar to reserve your spot. If there is any confusion, don't hesitate to get in touch with us (call or email now for a private or group trip: [email protected]/ mobile: +977 9818178630 (24 hrs); WhatsApp and Viber) so we can happily manage your trip as per your interest.

    Private Trip
    Are you looking for a personalized Everest base camp Trek? We organize privately guided journeys mainly designed to fit your tastes and interests. Please get in touch with us (call or email now for a private trip: [email protected]/, mobile: +977-9818178630 (24 hrs); WhatsApp and Viber) so we can happily manage your trip as per your interest.

    Kathmandu to Lukla flight ticket 2024-2025 FAQs

    • Lukla airport is not digitalized, but the airport is safe and has CCTV surveillance cameras for police officers, and even now they have added machines to check baggage and everything.

    • The runway of Lukla is around 527 meters; converting it into feet would be like 9334 feet, and the total math is (1,729 ft) × 30 m (98 ft) with an 11.7% gradient.

    • Trekkers and travelers can sit on the left side to get the best view while going to Lukla, and on the right side when returning from Lukla, that side is where the mountains and the vistas are located for a welcome and goodbye to the Himalayan range.

    • Yes, it’s an open seat; all the seats are first come, first served, so everyone has the option to sit in any seat that’s empty.

    • During the Lukla flight, it’s a free sit, but trekkers can stick to the left side while going to Lukla for better aerial views and while returning on the right side of the plane to say the final goodbye to the mountains.

    • The chances of a survival rate are very high and are closer to 3 percent if the plane crashes after takeoff, but if the plane crashes at the airport, there is a chance of survival if you are really lucky.

    • The Lukla flight is an adventure that some travelers and passengers might feel is dangerous, but the elevation, the short plane, the hard wind, and a run that is less than a kilometer make us feel as though it is dangerous.

    • The elevation of Lukla airport is 2846 meters, which would be around 9334 feet above sea level.

    • Lukla is known as the most dangerous airport in the world due to the wind, the 2846 m/9334 feet of elevation at which it is located, and the short run way, which is just 527m (1,729ft.) long and 20m (65ft.) wide with a 12-degree slope from north to south.

    • De-Havilland DHC-6 Twin Otters, L-410 Turbolets, Pilatus PC-6 Porters, and Dornier Do-228s—these types of 18-seater planes land at Lukla.

    • The flight ticket cost from Kathmandu to Lukla is 217 dollar per person for a one-way ticket; a two-way ticket will cost around 415–417 dollars in total.

    • The cancellation depends on the wind, weather, and air traffic conditions. In this case, the flights are cancelled, or else it's very rare for the flights to get cancelled.

    • Tourists and travelers can check the live forecast of Lukla Airport at YouTube by watching Lukla live, and there we can see the condition of the weather in that forecast.

    • The flight from Kathmandu to Lukla takes around 31 to 40 minutes in total, including takeoff and landing. It is a very short flight.

    • Yes, the flight ticket cost for Indians and foreigners is different as there is a discount in Nepal for SAARC countries, so comparatively, the cost for Indians is low when compared with foreigners.

    • Trekkers can check the flight ticket price by visiting our website for Lukla to Kathmandu, Kathmandu to Lukla, Ramechhap to Lukla, and Lukla to Ramechhap at www.holidaytoursnepal.com.

    • Yes, trekkers and travelers can fly from Kathmandu to Lukla at the beginning and end of the trekking season during March, May, September, and November. During the peak season, the flights operate from Ramechhap. The flight must be chartered from Kathmandu during the mid-season, for which 18 passengers are required.

    • There are 3 airlines operating the Lukla flight. Summit Airlines has 2 planes, Sita Air has 2 planes, and Tara Air has 2 planes. In the current scenario, among these planes, 4 are always operating for Lukla, while some time the airlines take out one of their planes for Jomsom and Tumlingtar flights.

    • There are a total 3 airlines operating the Lukla flight, and we cannot usually say which airline is better than which; there is not much difference in the type of place, the landing time, or in terms of service.

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