Lumba Sumba Pass Trekking - 22 Days

Lumba Sumba Pass Trekking - 22 Days
Trip Information
  • Duration22 Days
  • On the off beaten tracks within tranquil surroundings and quaint farm villages.
  • Adventure beyond north of massive  Mt. Kanchenjunga  world 3rd highest peaks.
  • Enchanting woodlands of tall rhododendron, magnolia, birch, pines and fir trees.
  • Explore the hidden pockets of remote north eastern Himalaya region of Nepal.
  • Sweeping panorama of dramatic country with high snow mountain ranges.
  • Follow the old Trans Himalaya trade route, and cross high  Lumba-Sumba pass.

North Kanchenjunga Lumba Sumba Pass Trekking, an extreme adventure around Nepal Far Eastern Himalaya, within North of massive Mt. Kanchenjunga. The world's 3rd highest peaks that towers towards high eastern Himalayas blue sky at 8,586 m / 28, 169 feet.

One of the least ventured areas of Nepal Himalaya, located remote corners northeast of Taplejung district within Kanchenjunga massif. Where walk follows on ancient Trans Himalaya Salt Trade Route and Caravan trails to south-eastern border of Tibet.

An enjoyable trek on fresh and raw hidden country within absolute wilderness of high peaks and rolling green hills and valleys. As adventure leads you higher valley of Walanchung-Gola in the land of Bhotia's and Sherpa people of strong Tibetan origin. Where old trails follow higher across the border to Tibet, while our route diverts to traverse Lumba-Sumba pass. To reach south-west of Kanchenjunga around Makalu areas facing glorious views of Mt. Makalu, Baruntse with Mt. Kanchenjunga Himalaya range.
The charm and beauty of the North Kanchenjunga and Lumba-Sumba trekking, walking in absolute wilderness for some days. Following a faint path, on off the beaten tracks away from mainstream trails within beautiful coniferous forest of pines, firs, and rhododendron trees.
Adventure begins with a panoramic short flight to land in the Far Eastern region of the low, warm Terai belt. The flatland of Nepal extends across east to far western Nepal within a close border to India.

To start the trek, an exciting drive involves on four-wheeler to reach higher cooler hills past Ilam town. Famous for tea and its huge garden of tea bush with views of Mt. Kanchenjunga towards north. Where drive ends at Sukhetar around the district of Taplejung, a nice hill town with a small airstrip.

From Sukhetar our adventure starts heading due north following the main trail of Kanchenjunga North Base Camp for few days. An interesting walks around rural farm villages with neat farm terraces, with cardamom plants grown on shady areas of thin tree lines. 

As walk progress towards the lovely villages of Chirwa and Lungthang, and then our routes diverts towards our main destinations. Heading due north to reach at Holung and Walunchung-Gola villages, on entering into cool shade of tall pines and rhododendron forest.

Nice traditional villages of Holung and Walunchung-Gola, which falls on the route of Lumba-Sumba-La pass, as well to Tibet border. Villagers often cross the border for trade, bartering bringing Chinese and Tibetan goods in exchange for spices and crops of Nepal.   

With time around this lovely village adorned with the ancient heritage of Buddhism religion and traditional life with livestock of Yaks. Adventure continues for return journey on leaving Walunchung-Gola to cross and traverse over high Lumba-Sumba-La Pass at 5,160 m. Rewards with spectacular panorama of high snow mountain range of Kanchenjunga massif towards east with Mt. Makalu in the north-west. Enjoying fascinating moments overlooking an array of peaks, then head towards lower warmer country to reach on southern areas of Makalu.

An enjoyable walk with more downhill with few short steep climb towards nice farm villages, of varied culture of eastern hill tribes. After a glorious time on high areas of Far Eastern Himalaya and beyond Mt. Kanchenjunga. Walk ends with a drive heading back into low sub-tropical country around Arun valley at Tumlingtar, a nice farm town. Where next day a sweeping flight brings you back to Kathmandu, after a wonderful adventure and experience on North Kanchenjunga Lumba-Sumba Pass Trekking..

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On main arrival in Kathmandu and Nepal International airport, received by our guides, and staff for short transfer in the heart of Kathmandu city around Thamel area. Where your hotel is located, after getting refreshed in your lovely room and then join with other members of North Kanchenjunga Lumba-Sumba Pass Trekking. Our guide will provide a briefing that includes all information required for the trek as well your stay in Nepal for 18 days or more.

Evening a group welcome dinner in a nice restaurant, with a complete Nepalese ambiance, enjoy lovely Nepali dishes along with a folk cultural program to entertain while you have your nice dinner.  


    Morning, depart from the hotel for exciting tour around Kathmandu at places of great interest,  Kathmandu city and its valley steeped with historical and religious monuments temples and monasteries listed as World Heritage Sites.

    After an interesting tour afternoon free to relax and preparation for Lumba Sumba Pass Trekking next early morning flight to Nepal Far South East around Terai belt.

      As per flight to reach Bhadrapur airport for the adventure, transfer to Kathmandu domestic airport for sweeping 45 minutes panoramic flight to land at Nepal Far South East at Bhadrapur. During air panorama of snow-capped mountains with views of Mt. Everest, Mt. Makalu, and Mt. Kanchenjunga.

      On landing at Bhadrapur airport where temperatures are much warmer of tropical climate, which is close to India border. At the airport received by our fields and camping staff then taking a local four-wheel drive to reach higher mid-hills. An interesting drive to Ilam town, famous for tea garden as well its nice tea flavor, at Ilam for overnight stop in a best available lodge and hotels. Afternoon with time to explore the interesting town of Eastern Nepal and to catch local culture. 

        Start the morning with lovely views of Kanchenjunga, and beautiful landscapes of green hills with pine trees and a vast tea garden. As morning drive leads on rough jeep tracks thorough villages and farmlands with short and ups to reach at Suketar, a small town with an airport where flights are unpredictable due to mountainous location, and weather-wise.

        From Suketar, get organized as our porters carry you bigger baggage then follow our guide for the first-day walk, with a short climb to reach Mitlung village, a nice farm area overlooking views of distant snow peaks. Overnight in tented camps near the village on fields and terraces. 

          After a first overnight in tented camping and food served by our cook and kitchen staff, after breakfast ready for another day lovely walks, as morning route follows downhill towards Tamor River, fed from the glaciers of Kanchenjunga, Mt. Jannu, and Kabru peaks.

          Walk leads with short ups and downs to reach at Sinwa village from the river, and the again descends to Tawa village to cross few streams and walk past spread-out farm villages, to Chirwa for overnight camp. A nice moderate size village with mixed tribes, mostly Rai (Kirat tribe) the main mid-hill of eastern Nepal with some Magar, Tamang and Hindu Chettries, Brahmins including few Dalits.

            From Chirwa after a good breakfast, morning leads to Sukathum village, after reaching a riverbank within mixed country with large cultivation of cardamom spices that the area of Taplejung and Ilam are famous for.

            Walk heads higher over many farm areas with short descend to overnight camp at Lungthang, a small farm village, from here air gets cooler with dramatic change of culture and landscapes as you enter within Tibetan Buddhist religion areas.


              After a pleasant overnight stop, morning having breakfast where the route leaves the main Kanchenjunga trail, heading due north within a cool shade of beautiful forest with tall rhododendron and pine trees. 

              Walk follows on the ancient route of Trans Himalaya Salt Trade route to Tibet that extends beyond Walanchung-Goal or Holung village.

              Finally reaching our destination at Holung a large village surrounded by high mountains this village with two names Walangchung - Gola and Holung, a nice perfect spot for extra days to explore around impressive high and remote village interwoven with strong Tibetan Buddhism religion and fascinating culture of age-old heritage.

                An ideal place for rest day for acclimatization before heading towards Lumba-Sumba high pass, which forms a barrier between Makalu and Kanchenjunga areas. At Walangchung-Gola explore around the village of great interest as well as visit its monastery. The houses are built with stones and woods, the people here are of Bhotia indigenous tribe with strong Tibetan culture as they have migrated from southeast Tibet hundreds of years back. The native still travel to Tibet border exchanging or bartering goods on both sides. 

                  Enjoying wonderful rest days and soaking in local immense culture, morning walk starts heading towards the confluence of Dinsangpa River, later joins with Tamur River further downstream. A walk leads to cross a small wooden bridge and then climb for few hours into rhododendron, pines, oaks and magnolia tree forest,

                  From the top then down back to Dinsangba Khola / stream again passing through yak herder’s camp called as Kharka’s and then reach a large green valley, continue walk over a black rock band to reach another valley, as day completes for overnight camp a large grassy meadow.

                    Today a big day for the climb and traverse to another scenic area of Makalu region, starting early morning for the long day walks climb on a faint path towards North West, where an icy stream flows from a high rocky cliff edge. 

                    After few hours of good steady climb reach a small pond, from here climb over a plateau and beyond to Lumba Sumba-La pass at 5,160 meters. The highest point of the adventure. Rewards incredible views as far towards Mt. Everest, Lhotse, and the closest Makalu, Khumba-Karna Himal with Mt. Kanchenjunga in the east direction.

                    From the top head downhill losing almost 600 meters of long descend to reach a wide valley, where overnight camp is set on a large pasture field at 4,500 m, the highest camping spot of the trek.

                      From here onwards back into villages, after spending in complete wilderness for some days, from the camp walk leads towards Makalu area on gradual descend with short climb to reach at Thudam. A nice village of Tibetan style similar culture and tribe-like at Holung village. 

                        After being around remote parts of eastern Nepal, morning walk into the dense forest to camp at Kharka (Sheppard’s shelter), as route leads through thick vegetation of bushes and tall trees then downhill to the river, with short climb in between but with more descend to reach isolated spot around Yak herders camp known as Kharka for overnight camp.

                          Another long day trek of the adventure to reach our next overnight camp at Chymatang. Start the morning much earlier and then heads for a short climb to reach a small village above Arun River. A walk and climb continues for some hours to cross over a small pass, facing grand views of surrounding dramatic landscapes with snow peak, and then a long descend on muddy and wet path to Arun River. 

                          From here cross a bridge that leads to another steep climb to reach our overnight camp at Lhomi village and Chyamtang both villages are linked closely together. 

                            From the village of Chyamatang, morning walk leads on a nice moderate trail with short ups and down past spread-out rural farm villages to a village close to a big landslides section of 2012. Which damaged many houses and primary schools, from this village, a nice walk to Hon-Gaon for overnight camping near the village farmyard.

                              A pleasant overnight stop at friendly and interesting Hon-Gaon, morning walk from this small village, where leads to low and warm areas as walk continues following Arun River downstream which is fed from the glaciers of Mt. Makalu and Baruntse Himal that flows near Tumlingtar tor join Sun Kosi on the flatland of Nepal Terai. Walk across several farmlands and villages to reach overnight camp at Hatiya village, a popular village located on the trade route to Tibet from the Makalu area within the Sankhuwa Sabha district. 

                                After a wonderful overnight stop at Hatiya village and its nice farmyard, morning walk through several smaller farm villages within heavily cultivated terrace of rice paddies, the walk continues following the main trail for five hours, and then descend with short steep up to Gola for overnight camp neat the farm village.

                                This is just Gola, don’t be confused with Walanchung-Gola of previous overnights before Lumba-Sumba pass.

                                  From Gols onwards within heavily cultivated farm areas and nice villages of mixed race of hill people with Kirat Rais, Magar, Gurung, Chettries, Brahmins and some Dalits as the culture blends among with the friendly warm villagers.

                                  Walk gets more interesting passing many cheerful local as you pass by from one village to another on nice gradual trail to reach Gadhi-Danda / ridge for overnight stop, offers views of Jaljala rocky peaks with Milke Danda green rolling hills.

                                    The last day walk of the adventure as morning heads down to a river, and then climb up towards rural small villages with terraced farms, then enter the cool shade of the forest and then ending the day on reaching at Num village, located on a high ridge where trek to Makalu base camp and beyond begins from the lovely village.

                                    In the past decade motorable road has reach this village that links to Tumlingtar and Khandbari, headquarter of the district and Makalu area.

                                    Overnight in a local simple fine and well-kept lodge severs as Tea-Houses, with time here to explore this small village facing views of surrounding beautiful landscapes and snow-clad peaks.

                                      Our walk ends at Num village, as a morning drive on local transport jeeps or similar four-wheel drives takes you to the final last overnight stop in Tumlingtar, a nice town with a sub-tropical climate. From Num on rough mountain roads, past villages facing views of surrounding green hills and peaks. After few hours of drive reaching a large town of Khadbari, a major town and headquarter of Sankhuwa Sabha district and Makalu region. After a short refreshing stop continue to drive downhill to Tumlingtar for the last overnight stop before Kathmandu in the comfort of a nice lodge. Enjoy the last dinner and bid farewell to camping staff and porters with gratitude.

                                        Morning or by mid-afternoon as per the time for flight to Kathmandu, transfer to Tumlingtar airport, located on shelf above Arun River and short walking distance from the town. Then board in an aircraft for a sweeping scenic flight back to Kathmandu, overlooking views of Himalayan peaks as the plane lands at Kathmandu, and then transfer to your hotel. 

                                          Reserved a free and spare as contingency day, in case of flight delay and cancellations which can happen sometimes even in good season of the year, due to bad and unfavorable weather condition. If all goes well according to our planned itinerary days, enjoy your last day in Kathmandu and Nepal for free individual activities and shopping, or take a tour around Kathmandu valley cities of great interest steeped with world heritage sites to enjoy. 

                                            Last day in the land of high mountains and colorful culture, with your time for international flight depart from the hotel, our staff and guide transfer you to airport, enjoying great adventure and experience on North Kanchenjunga Lumba-Sumba Pass Trekking. 

                                              Cost Details
                                              What's Included
                                              • All airports pick up drop by private vehicle
                                              • 04 night twin/double shearing deluxe accommodation on BB in Kathmandu
                                              • Guided sightseeing tours in Kathmandu with private vehicle (entrance fees extra) Welcome dinner in Authentic Restaurant
                                              • Kathmandu to Taplejung and Tumlingtar to Kathmandu by flight
                                              • Kanchenjunga and Makalu Conservation Area Permit, Kanchenjunga and Makalu Special permit
                                              • Twin/double shearing accommodation in the mountain during the trekking
                                              • Three meals a day; breakfast, Lunch and Dinner and tea/coffee during the trekking
                                              • A highly experience, helpful, knowledgeable, friendly, English speaking, well-trained, Government license holding guide. Price includes his salary, food, drinks, accommodation, transport and insurance.
                                              • 02 guest to 01 porter with their insurance, salary, food, accommodation and equipment
                                              • Your cost includes insurance, wages, food and lodging for both your guide and porter. We take excellent care of our guides and porters; they are like family to us.
                                              • All applicable government and local taxes per the itinerary
                                              What's not Included
                                              • Nepal Visa fee (Bring accurate fee in USD and two Passport size Photo)
                                              • International airfare to and from Kathmandu (no need to pay departure tax for international flight)
                                              • Diner and lunch in Kathmandu
                                              • Personal  travel and health Insurance, Insurance for helicopter evacuation
                                              • Extra night accommodation and lunch and dinner in city because of early arrival, late departure and early return from the mountain (due to any reason) then the scheduled itinerary
                                              • Personal expenses (phone calls, baggage charge, laundry, bar bills, battery recharge, extra porters, bottle or boiled water, shower etc)
                                              • Tips to the trekking crews and drive
                                              • Extra expenses due to flight delays, strikes, weather condition or any event out of our control
                                              • Anything not included in service includes column
                                              • The trip departs everyday if the year
                                              • The trip and trek is fully customizable we can customize the trip according to the need and necessity of our clients

                                              • The trip is available for solo travelers group travelers and private travelers

                                              • We organize the trip for a large group and can provide service for a group of 100+ members as well

                                              • If the given date are not appropriate for the travllers and trekkers the trip can be conducted on the custom date provided by our clients

                                              • Holiday tours Nepal advises all our clients to book at least 7 days prior so all the arrangements can be done in time specially sometimes in themountains the accommodation are booked prior so prior booking helps a lot

                                              Contact us at [email protected] or send us a text at +977-9816710843 or +977-9818178630 we are available 24/7 on whatsapp viber wechat for additional informations.

                                              Useful Information

                                              Equipment and Gear List


                                              • Four-season (-20 degree) sleeping bag (We provide rental sleeping bags available for an additional USD 35)
                                              • Puffy down jacket (We provide rental jackets for an additional USD 35)
                                              • Daypack (25-30 liters recommended) with rain cover

                                              CatUpper Body

                                              • Sun hat or cap (We'll provide you with a trekking cap.)
                                              • warm woolen hat
                                              • Scarf/Neck Buff (highly recommended to get saved from wind and cold)
                                              • Headlamp or mobile torch light for nighttime
                                              • Polarized sunglasses


                                              • Technical fabric base layer thermals are light for warmer months, heavy for colder months
                                              • Technical fabric t-shirts and sleeve sweaters or high-necks
                                              • Waterproof rain jacket
                                              • windproof jacket for the walk as it gets windy
                                              • Fleece jacket or down jacket

                                              LowerLower Body

                                              • thermals inner
                                              • Hiking pants at least 3
                                              • Comfortable pants for teahouses
                                              • Waterproof, windproof shell
                                              • Hiking shorts


                                              • Woolen gloves for the tea house
                                              • Hard-shell windproof outer gloves for the walk


                                              • Marino Wool or comfortable, warm socks
                                              • Hiking socks
                                              • Liner socks
                                              • Trekking/hiking boots (waterproof recommended)
                                              • Crampons (For passes)
                                              • Casual shoes or sandals that are comfortable for the time in the tea house
                                              • Gaiters (lightweight for rain and snow)

                                              undergarmentUndergarments and Inner Wears

                                              • Technical fabric/quick drying (can be washed during the trek)
                                              • Sports bras (women)
                                              • sleeping clothes as per the comfortability

                                              FirstaidFirst Aid Kits and Medications

                                              Note: Our guides carry medications, oxygen cans, and first aid kits during the trip. However, personal kits and medications are recommended.) 

                                              • Sunscreen SPF- 50+
                                              • Lip balm or Vaseline
                                              • ointment cream
                                              • Cough Syrup and strepsils (recommended for Khumbu Cough)
                                              • Creams and medicines (for any allergies or diseases)

                                              Optional Other Essentials

                                              • Passport
                                              • Extra copies of passport-sized photos
                                              • Reusable water bottle
                                              • Toilet paper, small soap, and shampoo
                                              • Water purification tablets or UV water purifier (if you plan to treat water)
                                              • water bladder for the day bag
                                              • small towel for personal use
                                              • Pillowcase in case of allergies to new pillows
                                              • High-protein snacks (such as mountain bars or nuts)
                                              • Waterproof/dry bags for carrying essential documents, stuff, frequently used items, and money
                                              • Power bank or extra batteries
                                              • Cameras and mobile phone
                                              • Cards/book
                                              • Pee bottle/ pee funnel for women
                                              • Trekking poles
                                              • Whistle in case your voice is not loud enough to stop or start
                                              • Thermos for hot water during the night
                                              • We give you a free duffel bag, trekking cap, maps, and t-shirt during your pre-trip meeting in Kathmandu. The duffel bag will be used to pack your trekking supplies.
                                              • For every two participants, we assign one porter. The porter will carry the duffel bag, which should weigh around 10 kg/22 lbs., throughout the walk.
                                              • Daypack bag for daily used stuff like cash, documents, papers, a water bottle or bladder, a camera, toiletries, sunscreen, a notebook, clothing, etc. (with a waterproof cover).
                                              • You can store your luggage (on-trekking items) at the hotel in Kathmandu, and we can assist and help.
                                              • Total luggage for the Kathmandu-Lukla flight is (15 kg (33 lbs.), including duffel (10 Kg/22 lbs.) and backpack (5 kg/11 lbs.)
                                              • A down jacket with a hood (cap) to be warm in altitudes above 3,000m.
                                              • We can provide a down jacket for USD 35. In case of loss or damage, you need to pay back the cost of USD 200 per item.
                                              • We can provide a sleeping bag for USD 35. In case of loss or damage, USD 200 per item must be paid.

                                              Note: Supplies and gear can be rented or purchased in Kathmandu. Once you are in Nepal, you can buy supplies and gear for hiking if you have spare time. Trekking Planner Nepal representatives will assist you in purchasing the equipment. Thamel a tourist hub, offers a wide range of trekking equipment at affordable prices. Don't wear short clothes inside the monasteries and religious places.

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