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Responsible Travel

Holiday Tours Nepal promotes responsible travel.

Holiday Tours Nepal places a high value on ethical travel. One of our main philosophies is to leave every place we visit in a better state than we found it. A comprehensive list of things to watch out for and keep in mind when traveling is what is meant by "responsible travel." Traveling can have a significant impact on the environment and even local communities because tourism is constantly growing and turning once-undiscovered trails into crowded trails. Due to this, Holiday Tours Nepal places a strong emphasis on making a positive impression throughout all of its trekking and touring vacation packages in Nepal. Sustainable tourism and eco-friendly tourism come to mind as soon as you think about responsible travel. And that's untrue!

Sustainability in Tourism
Employing locals for guiding, portering, and even transportation jobs promotes sustainable tourism by assisting rural communities in developing. Utilizing the hotels and stores in the village enables the neighborhood to develop economically and, in essence, profit from the tourism industry. and that's wonderful! In this way, even underprivileged communities have the opportunity to prosper and earn their way to a better future! When it comes to sustainable tourism, Holiday Tours Nepal does not make an exception. Over the course of many years, our team forged strong bonds with every rural village along Nepal's trekking trails. As a result, it was possible to employ more young and local people, give them a tourism education, and support their growth. In addition, Holiday Tours Nepal supports the neighborhood economy by only using local services and vendors for its trekking packages in Nepal.

Eco-friendly Tourism
What exactly does eco-friendly tourism mean then? Simple: leave the planet greener than you found it today! Traveling generates a lot of waste and, occasionally, disturbs the local flora and fauna. This is also evident in Nepal, where more and more tourists are making their way to the mountains as the majority of the Himalayas are converted into trekking and climbing routes. Waste production rises along with population growth! We actively promote eco-friendly treks and tours in Nepal because of this. By encouraging recycling, using water filters like LifeStraw rather than buying plastic water bottles, and even setting up programs in rural villages to spread awareness of proper waste management, Holiday Tours Nepal takes care to provide strict guidelines on waste management during a trek in Nepal. We always make sure to leave every place we visit better than we found it, aside from waste! Many animals, including the Red Panda and Snow Leopard, are sadly on the verge of extinction in the Nepalese hills and Himalayas due primarily to human interference in their natural habitats. Holiday Tours Nepal ensures that we do not fall under that heading and that we do not harm any of the local flora or fauna.

By participating in responsible tourism, we can ensure that future generations will continue to enjoy exploring foreign locales and taking in once-in-a-lifetime natural sights. Book your trip right away to participate in responsible tourism with Holiday Tours Nepal. Additionally, 2% of each reservation will be given to charities that support the neighborhood and environment.

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