Lower Dolpo trekking

Trip Information
    • Explore the wild country of Lower and Inner Dolpo facing exceptional landscape views.
    • In the country where ancient Bon sect of pre-Buddhism exists worship of natural spirits.
    • Fabulous scenery of hills and snow-peaks on walks from lovely villages to pristine wilderness
    • Beautiful turquoise Phoksundo Lake surrounded by pine and fir forested high green hills
    • A circuit around interesting areas of Dolpo and crossing high Baga-la and Numa-La passes

    ‘Adventure within most scenic and high country where Bon an ancient worship exists’

    Lower Dolpo trekking, a great adventure around Nepal Far West Himalaya, in the land of snow-leopard and abundance mountain wild-life. Where visitors can enjoy the great wilderness of high snow mountains in the shade of lovely alpine forest.

    Lower Dolpo Trekking leads you on the ancient Trans Himalaya Caravan Trail of Nepal and Tibet, heading through lovely villages. As well as crossing high scenic passes to reach from beautiful areas of inner Dolpo to another interesting place. An enjoyable journey for more than two weeks in a pristine location, and the harmony of immense cultural villages.

     Explore the unspoiled, raw, and wild country on least ventured trails by foreign trekkers and adventurers. Lower Dolpo trekking, one of the most memorable and enjoyable Himalayan destinations, where you will be in a world of your own. Far from mainstream routes and modern civilization, as walk leads to picturesque country, enriched with breathtaking scenery of Lower Dolpo.

    Lower and all parts of Dolpo falls within Shey-Phoksundo National Park, the largest park of Nepal covers more than 3, 555 sq. km. Within the park of Dolpo, trekking into cool forest lined with blue pine, cypress, poplar, deodar, and birch trees. Higher up on Trans-Himalaya area with near desert-type vegetation with dwarf juniper and caragana shrubs. The only surviving plants on this wild harsh terrain, which makes the adventure interesting to experience the dramatic change of landscapes.

     Besides scenic views of the beautiful country, the local culture of Dolpo people equally impressive, closely linked with Tibetan predecessor. Where the border across Tibet falls within close distance where local Dolpo villagers still have close trade relationships across the frontier.

     Lower Dolpo, one of the most beautiful trek in the remote far corners of Nepal, is very rarely visited by outsiders. From Jhupal town of Dolpo begins this wonderful adventure, encountering interesting places, people, villages, valleys, and serene forest. Trek passes many gigantic mountain ranges and over Numa-La 5, 190 m, Baga-La pass 5,070 m, then at Phoksundo Lake.

    A scenic and magnificent location surrounded by snow peaks of Kanjibro Himal, with time to visit the nearby Ringmo village. Slowly our adventure heads towards lower mid-hills to reach Dunai, the headquarter town of Dolpo, and then back to Jhupal.

     Where our magnificent adventure around completes, then taking a swift flight to Kathmandu via Nepalgunj, after a most memorable experience on Lower Dolpo Trekking.

    Seasons for Lower Dolpo Trekking:

    Lower Dolpo Trekking, the best time is spring from March to May and autumn season from September to November. Spring-time much warmer with longer sun-light hours, sub-tropical climate at the beginning of treks. Once over the hills cooler temperatures and then to freezing arctic cold. Where days are fine with sunshine but cold morning and night time, chances of snow-fall sometimes around higher altitude.

    Autumn another best season, where days are crystal clear for views and pleasant walks but much colder morning and late afternoon till night time, with chances of snow-fall around high areas. 

    Lower Dolpo, can be visited during summer around monsoon time also. As the region falls within rain shadow, gets less rain and moisture than other southern areas of Himalaya that is why the country is dry with barren arid landscapes.

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