Easy and Slow Trekking in Nepal

Easy and Slow Trekking in Nepal Majority of the people in the world would like to do Trekking in Nepal and see Everest and Himalayas. Most think that it’s beyond their capabilities. No need to be very fit; just fit and well. The idea of trekking with Holiday Tours Nepal is to take it slowly enough to really see the places you are walking through.

Trekking holiday in Nepal should be enjoyable and stimulating. You don’t need to be so tired you couldn’t care less where you are. Because our itinerary is slower and more flexible we can afford to be a bit more spontaneous. We can change our plans to suit the weather or even your health. You need to know that Holiday Tours Nepal is a famous trekking company, with a very experienced network of guides, porters and service providers which we have used for years.

Easy and Slow Trekking in Nepal leads by one of the famous and export leaders who have to be this trade for a long time. It is about half-way between going with an ‘organized tour’ and ‘independent trekking’, more like a group of friends (if you want to join the group) who have clubbed together to go on a trek in Nepal.

On a conventional trekking, your porter may be hours ahead of you booking lodges or setting tents or cooking. When you do Slow and easy trekking in Nepal with Holiday Tours Nepal you will have your own porter; who will trek near you in case you need a guiding hand on a wobbly bridge or just to get at your pack for a spare jumper or roll of film. When you trek with us you will stay in lodges in the local villages with beds, family cooking and solar hot showers (well, most days anyway). The accommodation varies in quality.

Some lodges have spacious double rooms with attached bathrooms but others are quite simple. They all have dry rooms with windows and doors that lock, foam mattresses and pillows, quilts if it is really cold, swept-clean floors and a place to hang washing or sweaty clothes. At higher altitudes, the dining room will have heating in the evening and good plain cooking both Nepali and Western. You will meet some lovely Nepali people at these lodges – and their kids as they are usually family-run.

The main characteristic of slow and easy trekking with us is our slow pace. Because we travel slowly we have virtually no problems with altitude sickness. By traveling at such a sensible speed, ordinary people, with ordinary levels of fitness, can participate. You don’t need to be mountaineering person to do the Trek in Nepal, just be with our experienced Sherpa Guide. It certainly helps if you like spending the best part of the day walking.

We do organize Easy and Slow trekking in Nepal; in the Everest National Park, Langtang National Park and Annapurna Conservation Area. So we try to be mindful of environmental issues; favoring places with fuel stoves and solar hot water. We endeavor not to use plastic bottled water too much and to dispose of our rubbish thoughtfully. We take good care of our porters. We do not overload them – it is no fun to walk with people who are killing themselves to get your gear up the mountain.

We make sure they each have a jacket and good footwear. We pay over award wages and insurance in case they get hurt. Your personal porter will carry your rucksack (usually 15-20 kg) you carry only your day packs. Trekking is a magical experience but, even with us, it can be challenging. You will find yourself tested at times. Meeting these demands can make you feel very good about yourself. The magnificence of the mountains and the beautiful nature of the people of Nepal will capture your spirit. We guarantee you will never be quite the same again.