Ramechhap to Lukla Flight ticket 2024-2025

Ramechhap airport
Trip Information
  • Duration1 Hours
  • DestinationNepal
  • Difficulty Level Difficult
  • Max Altitude2,860 m/ 9,383 ft
  • ActivityFlight
  • Group Size+1
  • Trip StartManthali
  • Trip EndLukla
  • Take an alternative flight from Manthali towards the Himalayan region of Nepal with aerial views of snow-capped mountains.
  • Experience the thrilling airplane flight to Lukla, considered one of the world's most challenging airports.
  • Flying from Ramechhap to Lukla offers a different perspective of the picturesque villages, terraced fields, rivers, glaciers, and waterfalls of the Everest region.
  • There is no other close or completely immersive flying experience like the one the trip from Ramechhap to Lukla offers.
  • Learn about the history of Lukla's mountaineering and trekking, which marks an epic adventure in the Everest region.

Manthali is located in the Ramechhap district of Nepal, where the flight to Lukla is conducted. Ramechhap to Lukla flight is a 20-minute flight that takes passengers from Ramechhap Airport towards the Tenzing Hilary Airport of Lukla. Lukla is said to be the "Gateway of the Khumbu region" due to the presence of Mount Everest, which is known as the highest mountain in the world. Similarly, Lukla is the starting point for many trekking routes and expedition options in the Khumbu region.

Manthali, Ramechhap, is an alternative destination for a flight to Lukla. The primary route to Lukla is from Tribhuvan International Airport (TIA), Kathmandu. However, due to an increase in traffic and the number of individuals willing to travel to this pristine location, the Government of Nepal provided a flight schedule from Manthali as an alternative to the Kathmandu-Lukla flight for the Everest region.

A twin otter plane operates the 20-minute flight from Manthali to Lukla. It is the shortest and easiest option to reach Lukla. However, it is essential to understand that Manthali Lukla flight are affected by weather conditions. Frequent wind or cold temperatures, followed by dense cloud cover, affect Lukla's flight schedule. If the weather is terrible, there can be a significant delay in flight as the flight to Lukla is considered one of the most thrilling flights in the world.

Similarly, in good weather conditions, a flight from Manthali can be a great option to skip the hassle of crowded flight booking as it serves as a good alternative. This allows for booking flights at peak season without delay or waiting longer. Individuals residing in Kathmandu can take a short and scenic private jeep drive to Manthali, which takes about four hours. After reaching Manthali, people can book the plane to Lukla.

History of Manthali, Ramechhap Airport

Ramechhap Airport, also known as Manthali Airport, lies in the Eastern region of Nepal and came into operation in October 1979. In 2019, the runway of TIA was being renovated, which led to the closure of the Airport for a while, which highly affected Lukla's flight. So, as an alternative, all flights to Lukla were operated from Ramechhap Airport because it was the only airport closest to Kathmandu. Similarly, all the flights to Lukla had to be conducted early in the morning due to the harsh climate, including high-velocity wind, so an alternative Lukla flight from Manthali was invented.

During peak season, the Ramechhap Manthali Airport conducted up to 20-25 flights per day; however, the heavy mass flow of tourists took a lot of work to handle. Thus, appropriate plans to upgrade the Airport were underway. By 2020, the flights to Lukla were operated again from Kathmandu, and in 2022, the Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal decided to operate the Lukla flight from Manthali; however, the infrastructures around the Airport are still under construction.

Details of Ramechhap Airport, Manthali

Ramechhap Airport is situated at Manthali Municipality of Ramechhap District, Province No. 3. The various details of Ramechhap Airport are provided below. The information is extracted with a reference from the Ramechhap Airport PDF supplied by the Civil Aviation Authority Nepal.

General Information


Ramechhap Airport


Manthali, Ramechhap, Province-03

Location Indicator


Aerodrome Reference Point

27 23 38N/086 03 41E


493 m. /1617 ft. (Ref. Topographical base map of Survey Dept.)


Off: 977-48540087 Tower: 977-48540087 Fax: 977-48540087 AFS: VNRCYDYX E-mail: [email protected]

Operation Hours

Jan, Feb, Nov, Dec


Mar, Apr, Sept, Oct


May, Jun, July, Aug




Year of Start of Operation


Re-Fueling Facilities

Available, Provided by Nepal Oil Corporation

Type of Aircraft

D228, DHC6, L410, Y12, C208


Type of Surface

Bituminous Paved (Asphalt Concrete)

Runway Dimension

530 m x 20 m

Runway Designation


Parking Capacity

Three Small Aircrafts

Passenger Facilities


Yes (city area)




Jeep, Van



Internet Facility


Cable TV


Baggage Trolley


 Note: The above-provided information is extracted from the Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal under Ramechhap Airport.pdf, retrieved 26th March 26, 2024.

How to Book Ramechhap to Lukla Flight?

The flight to Lukla experiences high demand, making it challenging to secure tickets promptly. Direct booking for flights to and from Lukla is not available. Customers are encouraged to utilize the "Book Now" feature provided by Holiday Tours Nepal to submit their booking requests.

Upon receipt, the airline will arrange the flight and provide the relevant schedule information to the customer. There are mainly three types of flights that can be conducted and booked from Manthali to Lukla, which are listed below:

Ramechhap to Lukla One Way Flight

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Lukla to Ramechhap Return Flight   

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Ramechhap, Manthali - Lukla - Manthali (Round Trip)

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What Airlines are involved in the Lukla Flight from Ramechhap?

The airlines that mainly conduct the flights to Lukla from Ramechhap include Sita Air, Summit Air, and Tara Air. The time and cost of flights differ according to the airlines and should be consulted individually. Holiday Planner Nepal can help individuals willing to go to Lukla from Manthali to select the appropriate airlines based on personal choice. From more luxury options to budget-friendly travel seats, we can help book the flight under personal preference.

How to reach Ramechhap from Kathmandu?

Well, reaching Manthali from Kathmandu could be a lot better. The travel route is via roadway while taking a private jeep, van, or car. The total distance of travel is 130 kilometers (80.77 miles), which takes at least four hours depending on the condition of the road and traffic situation. During the road trip, passengers can view hilly terrain along the Tama Koshi River—similarly, the view of cascading waterfalls, remote villages, and mountain ranges welcomes visitors to Ramechhap.

Drive to Manthali with Holiday Tour Nepal

Holiday Planner Nepal arranges a private or shared vehicle facility to transfer people from Kathmandu to Ramechhap. The road trip can be conducted in a car, jeep, or van. We can arrange a private vehicle for those who want to travel in style and luxury. Similarly, for those who wish to travel in a budget-friendly manner, we also conduct a shared vehicle facility with other travelers who have a common destination which can minimize the cost of travel.

Is it safe to fly from Manthali to Lukla?

Flying from Manthali to Lukla is usually safe, but there are things to think about that can affect how safe the trip is. The weather around Lukla can change quickly and be tricky for pilots, with fog, clouds, strong winds, and air. Also, Lukla Airport is high up in the mountains, so pilots need special training to fly there. Picking airlines known for being safe and having experienced pilots can make the flight safer. Even so, travelers should be careful, watch the weather, and be ready for possible delays or cancellations because of bad weather.

Cost Details
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  • Manthali to Lukla flight ticket.

Group Departure
Book a spot on one of our groups of up to 15 people, which run daily from February to mid-June and mid-September to December. To ensure the safety and comfort of our guests, we do not operate during the monsoon season. Group discounts are available as per group size. Choose a date from the calendar to reserve your spot. If there is any confusion, don't hesitate to get in touch with us (call or email now for a private or group trip: [email protected]/ mobile: +977 9818178630 (24 hrs); WhatsApp and Viber) so we can happily manage your trip as per your interest.

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Are you looking for a personalized Everest base camp Trek? We organize privately guided journeys mainly designed to fit your tastes and interests. Please get in touch with us (call or email now for a private trip: [email protected]/, mobile: +977-9818178630 (24 hrs); WhatsApp and Viber) so we can happily manage your trip as per your interest.

Add-ons & Options

A private vehicle for transportation to the airport from the desired location and to the desired place from the airport is available at an additional cost.

Ramechhap to Lukla Flight ticket 2024-2025 FAQs

  • Ramechhap Airport is a domestic airport located in the Ramechhap district of Nepal and is 145 kilometers away from Kathmandu.

  • The altitude of Ramechhap airport is around 474 meters, which is around 1555 feet from sea level.

  • The temperature generally at the airport and around Ramechhap Manthali is very hot when compared to Lukla and the Khumbu region, so it's better to keep your jackets in your handbag as you will need them after landing at Lukla.

  • Ramechhap Manthali airport is not digitalized and is relatively basic, and it reminds trekkers and travelers of how the airports used to be around 4–50 years ago.

  • Ramechhap Manthali airport has hotels nearby for accommodation in case of flight delays or when accommodation is required for the flight the next day, but the accommodations are very basic.

  • The fare from Ramechhap to Lukla for foreigners is around 177 dollars.

  • The flight cost from Ramechhap to Lukla for Indian citizens is around 13641 rupees.

  • The flight cost from Ramechhap Manthali to Lukla for Nepali is around 12000 rupees.

  • The flight status can be checked live on YouTube by typing Lukla airport live. The flights can be monitored when they fly and land, but the place and time when the plane will fly and land cannot be seen online; only the landing and takeoff can be seen.

  • The flights are diverted from Ramechhap due to air traffic, and since the runway of Kathmandu airport is occupied by international planes, to make it favorable and to avoid flight delays, the flights are diverted from Ramechhap Manthali.

  • Usually, flights are not cancelled, even if they are cancelled due to the issue of wind, clouds, or bad weather. The flights only get cancelled in the case of bad weather, or else they are not cancelled.

  • The baggage limit is 15 kilos, of which 5 kilos must be placed in the day bag or hand carry, which the clients will carry, and 10 kilos will go inside the main luggage of the plane, for a total of 15 kilos.

  • The helicopter flight from Ramechhap to Lukla costs around 350–400 dollars and takes about 24-28 minutes to get to Lukla from Ramechhap.

  • All the airlines are the same, and using a Boeing plane, there are 3 airlines operating, so to tell the truth, it’s the same; it doesn’t matter which airline you're flying from.

  • The flights are operating from Ramechhap and not from Kathmandu due to the limited time window. As the air traffic in Kathmandu is very busy due to the international flights, it interferes with the Lukla flight. That’s why the flights are transferred from Kathmandu to Ramechhap.

  • The flight time from Ramechhap to Lukla airport takes around 19–23 minutes in total, depending on the airline, pilot, and wind, but in total, it takes 19–23 minutes.

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