Best time to visit in Nepal

Nepal is a country that can be visited year-round and for any occasion. However, the best times to visit Nepal are in the autumn (mid-September to end-November) and spring (mid-March to end-May) primarily for trekking. The weather is typically clear during the autumn, with mild to warm days and chilly nights. Clear and beautiful views of the outdoors and mountains can be seen. The mornings in spring are typically very clear, but the afternoon clouds bring rain showers. You can tell that you are in the ideal location at the ideal time when you look at the rhododendron flowering garden in the jungle with its lush and profusion of greenery and Clear Mountain in the background.

Although trekking in the Himalayan regions becomes more difficult during the winter (late November to mid-March), it is still possible in some areas of the nation's low hills. And during the monsoon season (June to mid-September), the mornings are cloudy and trekking is extremely uncomfortable because the trail gets muddy and infested with leeches. You can trek with mustangs and manang during this time. Most famous activities during these two seasons are city tours and safaris.