Communication service in Nepal

Contact services:
In Nepal, both landline and mobile phone services are accessible. Landlines are primarily found in Kathmandu and a few other major cities, whereas mobile services have a network that reaches most of the country with the exception of some significant Himalayan regions. In most countries, hotels and private communication centers also offer telephone and fax services.

post office services
Except on Saturdays and other national holidays, the Central Post Office is open from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. in Sundhara, Kathmandu, close to Dharahara. The following services are offered by it:

(EMS) Express Mail Service

- Parcel Service

Postal Service and its Online Postal Service

Banking via the Post Office

- Letter

Internet access
In the contemporary world, internet services are a growing industry in Kathmandu and other significant Nepalese cities. In addition to more internet cafes in major cities, hotels and restaurants now offer Wi-Fi. From urban areas, visitors can easily stay in touch with family or friends, but this is impossible from rural or remote areas.

Television and radio services
There are numerous Local F.M.s operating in Kathmandu and other regions of the country. International FM is another name for International BBC News FM. In the case of television service today, satellite service has been providing international channels in both urban and rural areas. Additionally, hotels offer this service.