Special Interest Tour in Nepal

Special interest tour in Nepal involves the particular interests which have been developed to include an exciting program of activities around your chosen interest. These special interest holidays are operated for the people with a real interest and passion in their chosen fields.

Apart from straight tours or trekking, there are various activities and special interest tours in Nepal that is also possible to be undertaken in Bhutan, Tibet, and India. For the ultimate adventure lovers, there is rafting and kayaking on some of the most challenging rivers across the country for the beginner and professionals alike.

We organize Pilgrimage tours, Bird watching Tours, flora and fauna tours, Bungee Jump in Nepal, Student Holiday in Nepal all of them gets full satisfaction of their special interest holiday in Nepal. We also offer mediation tours and butterfly watching tours and Paragliding above the lake of Pokhara as special interest tours in Nepal.

Mountain flight is another easy way to see all the mountain range of Nepal. Another popular special tour is volunteering in Nepal, those who are interested not only in taking a memory of traveling but also in giving do this kind of tour. You can teach in the rural area, run a medical camp in remote mountain area or help in building school in the village.

While volunteering in villages, you can also plan for trekking to mountain or wildlife safari. Studying shamanism is also popular these days. Shamanism is very old practice in Nepal that involves a practitioner who perceives and interacts with a spirit world and channels these transcendental energies into the world.

Holiday Tours Nepal offers many activities apart from the straight tours or Trekking. Also for groups of elders and families with children, we are ready to design special tours as per client’s interest. We are experienced in finding the best travel options according to the needs of our guests. Make your special interest tours in Nepal hassle-free and lifetime memories.