Pilgrimage Tour in Nepal - 8 Days

Pilgrimage Tour in Nepal - 8 Days
Trip Information
  • Duration8 Days
  • DestinationNepal
  • Difficulty Level Easy
  • Max Altitude2,175 m/7136ft
  • ActivityPilgrimage Tour
  • Group Size2+
  • Trip StartKathmandu
  • Trip EndKathmandu
  • Best TimeSept to June

Pilgrimage tour in Nepal -8 days offers a transformative journey through sacred sites like Kathmandu's Pashupatinath Temple (The oldest Hindu temple of Nepal), Mahakamana, Devghat, and Saswat Dham and more. Pilgrims experience spiritual renewal amidst breathtaking Himalayan landscapes, cultural immersion, and guided rituals, making it a profound and enlightening adventure.

Highlights: Pilgrimage Tour in Nepal.

  • Visit Kathmandu, the capital city, which is a treasure mine of historic temples and cultural history. Pashupatinath Temple, devoted to Lord Shiva, and Boudhanath Stupa, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and seat of Tibetan Buddhism, are highlighted.
  • The program includes trips to important Hindu pilgrimage sites such as Doleshwor Mahadev and Kailas Nath (Sanga) Mahadev, which provide opportunities to see religious rites and pilgrim devotion.
  • Participants can enjoy a tranquil Buddhist pilgrimage experience at Namobuddha, a peaceful retreat surrounded by stunning surroundings that is suitable for introspection and meditation.
  • Exploring Changu Narayan Temple, a UNESCO World Heritage Site famous for its stunning architecture and historical significance, is an enthralling cultural experience.
  • Delegates get a cable car ride to the ancient Manakamana Temple, which is set on a hill and offers spiritual solitude as well as beautiful panoramic views.
  • The Devghat and CG Pilgrimage Tour in Chitwan provides a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for spiritual seekers to explore Nepal's ancient religious legacy.

Trip introduction: Pilgrimage tour in Nepal.

A pilgrimage tour in Nepal organized by Holiday Planner Nepalprovides an amazing chance for individuals seeking a deeply rewarding and spiritually uplifting experience. Holiday Planner Nepal, a well-known Nepal tour operator, specializes in designing meaningful vacations that capture the spirit of Nepal's religious and cultural history.

Travelers who embark on this pilgrimage tour in Nepal will learn about the significance of these sacred locations, including Buddhist pilgrimage sites in Nepal. The pilgrimage trip price is designed to provide good value, allowing guests to immerse themselves in the region's spiritual richness without breaking the bank.

Starting in Kathmandu, this precisely organized holiday tour in Nepal allows travelers to explore the best pilgrimage sites at a moderate cost. The trek brings them to Dhulikhel, where they will witness the serene beauty of this old town, from the revered Doleshwor Mahadev to the towering Kailash Nath (Sanga) Mahadev. The trek continues to Nagarkot, where travelers will spend the night and wake up to spectacular views of Namobuddha. Before returning to Kathmandu, a stop at the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Changu Narayan will be a highlight. The trip takes a turn when they visit Manakamana, the temple of the wish-fulfilling goddess, and subsequently Devghat, a sacred river confluence. Finally, their spiritual journey culminates with a visit to the C.G Dham in Navalparasi and a return to Kathmandu, leaving them with fond memories and a stronger connection to Nepal's cultural and spiritual tapestry.

The adventure comes to an end with a farewell, but the memories and experiences gathered will last a lifetime. On this unique journey, travelers are invited to prepare to be fascinated by Nepal's beauty, spirituality, and culture.

What is the Best Time for Pilgrimage Tour in Nepal?

Nepal's diverse topography and temperature provide a variety of possibilities to engage in this sacred Pilgrimage Tour adventure throughout the year. Also, the optimum time to go on a Pilgrimage Tour in Nepal is determined largely by personal preferences and the exact sites you intend to visit. However, the spring and autumn seasons are the most popular choices for individuals looking for perfect weather and moderate temperatures. The lush surroundings come alive with flowering flowers during spring (March to May), and the sky is clear, providing stunning vistas of the Himalayas. Similarly, fall (September to November) has good weather, making it an ideal season to visit Nepal's pilgrimage sites without having to contend with monsoon rains.

Nonetheless, Nepal's spiritual sites, whether Hindu or Buddhist, may be visited at any time of year, allowing visitors to experience the deeply moving connection to spirituality and heritage that this country provides all year.

Why Pilgrimage tour with Holiday Planner Nepal?

As Holiday Planner Nepal, we provide a Hindu Pilgrimage Tour in Nepal with various departure dates to fit your preferences and availability. Our goal is to present you with a profoundly enlightening and spiritually uplifting experience while you explore Nepal's hallowed sites. We understand how important pilgrimage is to you, and we want to make your experience meaningful and memorable.

When you decide to take this pilgrimage journey, you can select from a variety of trip dates that work with your schedule. We want to provide you with the freedom to plan your pilgrimage at your leisure. Whether you want to visit Hindu pilgrimage sites, Buddhist pilgrimage sites, or both, our knowledgeable tour operators can help in every step.

The Muktinath trip package has been deliberately crafted to allow you to seek spiritual consolation at this respected temple while also immersing yourself in Nepal's rich culture. Our top objective is to provide you with an authentic and reasonably priced pilgrimage experience that goes beyond ordinary tourism. A pilgrimage, we believe, is more than just a journey; it is a profound investigation of faith and culture.

So, if you have any questions concerning the trip dates for your Hindu Pilgrimage Tour in Nepal, please contact us. We'll provide you with the most up-to-date information and work with you to design a journey that meets all of your needs and aspirations. Your spiritual adventure awaits you with Holiday Planner Nepal.

What are the Accommodation Facilities During Pilgrimage Tour- 8 Day in Nepal?

During a pilgrimage journey in Nepal, travelers will discover a variety of accommodation alternatives to suit a variety of budgets and preferences. Nepal, recognized for its spiritual places and picturesque scenery, has a variety of housing options for both pilgrims and tourists. In bustling towns like Kathmandu, where pilgrimage trips frequently begin, a range of hotels, guesthouses, and boutique accommodations cater to the needs of both pilgrims beginning on a spiritual journey and tourists on a holiday tour in Nepal. Holiday Planner Nepal can help pilgrims and vacationers see the country's cultural and natural marvels by planning stays in excellent hotels.

Accommodation possibilities expand as the pilgrimage route advances to more tranquil areas like as Dhulikhel, Nagarkot, Manakamana, and Devghat. Travelers can select between hotels, lodges, and guesthouses, each with its own distinct ambiance. Pilgrim-centric hostels such as ashrams and inexpensive guesthouses give pilgrims a spiritually uplifting setting at various pilgrimage locations, such as Devghat. Holiday planners in Nepal play an important role in tailoring accommodations to the unique needs of pilgrimage tours, allowing passengers to focus on their spiritual journey or vacation exploration while enjoying a pleasant and culturally immersing stay. To optimize the pilgrimage tour experience and make the most of the holiday trip, it is recommended to work with a reliable company like Holiday Planner Nepal to arrange accommodations in advance, especially during high pilgrimage seasons.

Who can do Pilgrimage tour in Nepal? / Can non-Hindus visit these pilgrimage sites?

Yes, non-Hindus are generally welcome to visit several of Nepal's pilgrimage sites. Nepal is a varied and welcoming country that values religious freedom. Visitors of other religions and origins are frequently permitted to access Hindu temples and other religious sites as long as they accept local customs and respect the religious traditions observed there. However, it's critical to be aware of each temple's individual rules and traditions, as some may have admission limitations for non-Hindus or some parts that are off-limits to non-believers. When visiting these sites, it is best to consult with local authorities, temple officials, or guides for special norms and etiquette to guarantee a courteous and pleasant experience for all visitors regardless of their religious affiliation.

Are there any Specific Rituals I Should Follow when Visiting these Temples? 

It is critical to observe local customs and traditions when visiting temples in Nepal, especially on a pilgrimage journey. While exact ceremonies may differ from temple to temple and from religious tradition to religious tradition, the following are some broad rules and typical procedures to consider:

  • Cover your shoulders, arms, and knees with clothing. Avoid wearing anything that is too short or too exposing.
  • Many temples require you to remove your shoes before entering. Look for a suitable location to leave them.
  • In certain temples, worshippers walk in a circle around the main section of the temple. This is a means for them to express their love and reverence for the gods.
  • Flowers, candles, or a small payment can be made to the temple which is considered a manifestation of your affection and devotion.
  • When entering the temple, you can say "Namaste" by clasping your hands together as if praying which reflects a form of respect.
  • Before taking photographs or recordings within the temple, always seek permission.
  • If you are unsure about something, you can seek assistance from the temple's staff, priests, or a Holiday Planner Nepal representative.  They will gladly guide you and assist you in adhering to the proper rules.

What are the Travel Documents and Permits for the Pilgrimage Tour in Nepal?

Certain travel documentation and permits are required while starting on a pilgrimage tour in Nepal to ensure a safe and legal journey. A valid passport is the primary requirement for most overseas visitors to enter Nepal. It is critical that your passport is valid for at least six months beyond the date of your intended travel. Tourists must also get a Nepali Tourist Visa upon arrival at Kathmandu, Tribhuvan International Airport, or other entry points if traveling by bus. Visa procedures and expenses differ depending on your nationality, so it's critical to verify with the Nepali embassy or consulate in your home country before flying.

If your pilgrimage tour includes visiting restricted areas or trekking in specific places, you may require additional permits. For example, if you want to walk to Upper Mustang, Manaslu, or sections of the Everest region, you'll require a special trekking permit. These permits can be obtained from authorized trekking agencies like Holiday Planner Nepal, and they may demand certain documents, such as passport copies and passport-sized photographs. Furthermore, when visiting protected religious places, it is best to enquire holiday Tours Nepal guide if any extra permits or permissions are required.

Is Travel Insurance Required?

Travel insurance is not required, especially for the Pilgrimage Tour in Nepal. However, having travel insurance will protect fellow travelers in the event of an unexpected event. It can give coverage in the event of unforeseeable circumstances such as trip cancellation, medical concerns, lost or stolen property, and so on. If you have to cancel your trip or something goes wrong while you're on the road, travel insurance can help you recover some or all of your costs.

Although theft is uncommon, it does occur, so keep all valuables hidden. While traveling, travelers can leave any valuables in our office locker. If there is a landslide, avalanche, flooding, or earthquake in the area, please follow your guide's advice.  Similarly, if you fall unwell, notify your guide right away.

Outline Itinerary Pilgrimage Tour in Nepal.

  • Day 1: Arrival at Kathmandu, 1,350m/4,429ft.
  • Day 2: Hindu pilgrimage city tour.
  • Day 3: Doleshwor Mahadev and Sanga Mahadev overnight at Dhulikhel.
  • Day 4: Namobuddha overnight at Nagarkot.
  • Day 5: Visit Changu Narayan and Drive back to Kathmandu.
  • Day 6: Kathmandu to Manakamana to Devghat.
  • Day 7: Devghat to CG Temple, Shaswat Dham to Kathmandu.
  • Day 8: Final Departure.

Any customization of the itinerary can be done.

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When you arrive at Kathmandu's Tribhuvan International Airport, a representative from Holiday Planner Nepal will be waiting for you with a placard with your name on it. They will assist you with customs formalities and then accompany you to your accommodation. After you've checked into your hotel and had some refreshments, you'll be given a briefing about your forthcoming tour and the wonderful nation you're seeing.

We will also guarantee that all of your trekking equipment is in good working order; if anything needs to be repaired, we can provide, rent, or assist you in acquiring it locally. Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns about your experience. Your package includes lodging at one of the Kathmandu hotels listed below: Hotel Moonlight, Hotel Pabera Heritage Boutique, or Hotel Thamel Park. Following a delicious evening welcome dinner, you will spend the night in Kathmandu.

Please keep in mind that if you arrive late, the welcome meal will be rescheduled for the following day.

    On your second day in Nepal, you'll have your breakfast at the hotel and leave for an exciting Hindu pilgrimage city trip that will immerse you in Kathmandu's rich spiritual and cultural legacy with a guide provided by Holiday Planner Nepal. First, you'll have the chance to visit Pashupatinath, a Hindu pilgrimage site devoted to Lord Shiva. Various rites and celebrations that are a vital component of Nepali Hindu culture can be witnessed here. Next on the list is Boudhanath, a UNESCO World Heritage Site that is not only a significant symbol of Buddhism but also a center of Tibetan culture in Kathmandu. If you have time, you should also visit Swayambhunath, commonly known as the Monkey Temple, which is surrounded by smaller shrines, prayer wheels, and playful monkeys, creating a unique and delightful environment.

    At local tea houses, you can experience authentic Nepali cuisine, worldwide flavors, or simply a cup of traditional Nepali tea. Momo (dumplings), dal bhat (a classic Nepali meal), and other local specialties are frequently served in Kathmandu restaurants. Dinner and overnight stay at any one of Kathmandu Hotels.

      After your breakfast at Kathmandu, you'll visit Doleshwor Mahadev, an important Hindu pilgrimage site, and Sanga Mahadev, which houses the world's tallest Shiva statue, on this day. Following that, you'll continue your journey and spend the night in the tranquil town of Dhulikhel, where you may sample local cuisines and stay in quaint guesthouses or hotels like Dhulikhel Lodge Resort.

        After breakfast in Dhulikhel, continue on to Namobuddha, a revered Buddhist site. You'll see the area and its monasteries before traveling to Nagarkot, which is famous for its sunrise and sunset views of the Himalayas. You can dine in small local restaurants and stay in lovely lodges situated at Nagarkot.

          After breakfast at Nagarkot, the schedule for today includes a visit to Changu Narayan, one of Nepal's oldest Hindu temples noted for its magnificent stone sculptures. Changu Narayan is famous for its elaborate and magnificent stone carvings, which provide a fascinating peek into ancient artistry and workmanship. The craftsmanship is of such high caliber that the temple has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Following your visit to Changu Narayan, you'll return to Kathmandu, where you can dine overnight at your preferred hotel.

            After breakfast, your travel today takes you from the bustling center of Kathmandu to two religious and spiritually significant spots in Nepal. Manakamana, a respected shrine devoted to the goddess Bhagwati, will be your first stop. The mode of transportation used to reach Manakamana adds to the uniqueness of the voyage. Many guests choose to ride the cable car, which provides stunning views of the surrounding hills and valleys. When you get to Manakamana Temple, you will be able to pay your respects and immerse yourself in the spiritual ambiance.

            Your journey to Devghat continues after you see Manakamana. This holy site is noted for being the meeting point of multiple rivers, including the Gandaki, Kali Gandaki, and Trishuli. In Hinduism, Devghat is very important, and it is thought that taking a holy plunge in these hallowed waters takes away one's sins.

            You'll have the opportunity to eat at local restaurants as you travel from Manakamana to Devghat. Devghat has a variety of lodging alternatives, including guesthouses and hotels that cater to pilgrims and vacationers looking for a pleasant night's rest?

              After waking up breakfast is served at Devghat or along the way to CG temple situated at Nawalparasi. The CG Temple is an architectural wonder recognized for its meticulous craftsmanship and devotion to Hindu deities. You'll notice a combination of classic and modern architectural elements as you explore its magnificent beauty.

              Your spiritual adventure continues with a visit to Shaswat Dham, a nearby spiritual complex. Shaswat Dham provides a calm and meditative atmosphere in which to connect with Nepal's profound spirituality. Meditation centers, lush gardens, and spiritual shrines may be included in the complex, providing a calm environment for reflection and inner serenity.

              As the day progresses, you'll make your way back to Kathmandu, where you'll spend your final evening in Nepal. You can savor your favorite dishes while reflecting on your great voyage. Stay overnight in Kathmandu.

                This is the last day of your journey. After breakfast at your accommodation in Kathmandu, you will depart for Tribhuvan International Airport, bringing your amazing pilgrimage and cultural tour of Nepal to a close.

                  Cost Details
                  What's Included
                  • All airport Pick up drop by private vehicle.
                  • 04 Nights twin/double shearing accommodation on BB in Kathmandu.
                  • All the pilgrimage tours with private vehicles and a highly experienced, helpful, knowledgeable, friendly, English-speaking trained, Government license holder guide with all his salary, food, drinks, accommodation, Transport, and insurance.
                  • Kathmandu to Manakamana to Chitwan to Kathmandu by private vehicle.
                  What's not Included
                  • Nepal Visa fee (bring accurate fee in USD and two passport-size photos).
                  • International airfare to and from Kathmandu (no need to pay departure tax for international flights)
                  • Lunch and Dinner in Kathmandu, Manakamana, and Chitwan.
                  • Meals during the traveling time.
                  • Personal travel and health Insurance, Insurance for helicopter evacuation.
                  • Extra night accommodation and lunch and dinner in the city because of early arrival, late departure, and early return from the mountain (due to any reason) than the scheduled itinerary.
                  • Personal expenses (phone call, baggage charge, laundry, bar bill, battery recharge, bottle or boiled water, etc).
                  • Tips to the guide and drive.
                  • Extra expenses due to flight delays, strikes, weather condition,s or any event out of our control.
                  • Anything not included in the service includes the column.
                  • The trip departs everyday if the year
                  • The trip and trek is fully customizable we can customize the trip according to the need and necessity of our clients

                  • The trip is available for solo travelers group travelers and private travelers

                  • We organize the trip for a large group and can provide service for a group of 100+ members as well

                  • If the given date are not appropriate for the travllers and trekkers the trip can be conducted on the custom date provided by our clients

                  • Holiday tours Nepal advises all our clients to book at least 7 days prior so all the arrangements can be done in time specially sometimes in themountains the accommodation are booked prior so prior booking helps a lot

                  Contact us at [email protected] or send us a text at +977-9816710843 or +977-9818178630 we are available 24/7 on whatsapp viber wechat for additional informations.

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