Bhaktapur City Day Tour

Bhaktapur City Day Tour
Trip Information
    • A living museum with impressive medvial time environment and culture.
    • Beautiful work of art and architecture on tiers of pagoda roofed temples.
    • Tour of marvelous courtyard of 55 window palace and famous golden gate.
    • Explore charming traditions of age-old heritage with nice paved streets.
    • Visit Nepal ancient temple of  Changu Nararyan  a masterpiece monument.


    Bhaktapur City Day Tour, one of most impressive and fascinating city takes you to ancient medvial era atmosphere. A city full of charm and beauty, steeped with history and religious background of both Hindu and Buddhism.

    An old city remains as it was since ancient times, where local are conservative preserving the local heritage and custom, from the past hundreds of centuries till today.

    Bhaktapur, also known as Bhadgaon means a city of devotee visitors truly enjoys being in Bhaktapur city, where one can experience amazing moments in the backdrop of historical and religious monuments.

    This city once a capital of Kathmandu valley as well some parts of Nepal, in the past centuries during Malla kingdom period. About 12 km driving distance away from Kathmandu, and the third important district within the valley as well a major touristic city of the country.

    As you enter the city gate within beautiful and lively Bhaktapur Durbar Square, surrounded by high historical monuments and old palace courtyard, walk takes you to most impressive sites of Bhaktapur.

    Explore around nooks and corner of this lovely city, and witness the local with their daily traditional activities of farm and artistic life, working with masterpiece work of arts and craft, like pottery, woodwork.

    Enjoying lovely and interesting time at Bhaktapur, short drive leads to high above Bhaktapur city and Kathmandu valley, to reach at most magnificent spot at Changunararyan Temple.

    Oldest and beautiful pagoda temple with tiers of golden roof, located within tranquil surroundings and old Newar village. Changunararyan Temple dedicated to Lord Vishnu, one of important Hindu god.

    The temple dates back 464 A.D. during the reign of Licchavi King Mandeva which proves that this old temple was established as a sacred site in the 3rd century A.D. Where earliest inscription still found, around the temple premises written on a huge stone slabs.

    With exciting time around Changunararyan temple, and its small farm village located in the backdrop of scenic views of Kathmandu valley and high snow-capped peaks, makes worth a visit.

    From here our wonderful Bhaktapur city day tour completes, and then head downhill with interesting drive back to your hotel, after a lovely and memorable day tour.

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    8 a.m. or 12 p.m. An hour drive to Bhaktapur city and start tour of Durbar Square for few hours.

    Start the day with an hour drive heading east of Kathmandu to Bhaktapur, which is 12 km away from Kathmandu city outskirt.

    An interesting short ride, with opportunity to witness more of Nepalese rural farm life and other activities, as drive heads past towns and villages and then leaving the main Kathmandu-Lhasa Highway. A short climb within blue pine wood and then reach Bhaktapur city.

    On entering the main gate where tour leads you into magnificent Durbar Square or palace courtyard, teemed full of life and local activities.

    Enjoy, exciting tour of historical monuments, which includes beautiful pagoda Temple with ancient idol and statue of various Gods and Goddess, tour leads you around old palace built during the period of Malla kingdom regime.

    Bhaktapur most interesting sites to visit:

    The Durbar Square:

    The first impression of Bhaktapur its old Durbar Square, where many ancient monuments are located within the palace courtyard.

    Most of ancient building and monuments, listed in UNESCO World Heritage Sites, reflecting the city's unique culture, arts including architectural wonders, truly a living museum.

    Tour of golden gate regarded as world's most magnificent and richly carved of unique design and work of artistic skill, enjoy views of the palace with 55 windows.

    Nytapola Temple:

    One of the main highlights of Bhaktapur is a pagoda roof Nytapola Temple, means a five storied temple at the height of 30 meter, the tallest temple of Kathmandu and the landmark of Bhaktapur city. Built by King Bhupindra Malla in 1708 AD.

    On each steps to main temple entrance stands pair of figures, starts from the bottom with statue of wrestlers, elephant, lion, griffins and goddesses.

    The Bhaktapur National Art Gallery:

    The gallery, situated within Bhaktapur Durbar Square treasures rare arts and paintings, with manuscripts with painted covers and illustrations. Also includes brass, bronze, stone and wooden images of medieval traditional arts of Nepal.

    Bhairavnath Temple of Bhaktapur:

    In the early days built as one-story pagoda during King Jagat Jyoti Malla period, later added into a three-tier roofed temple in 1718 A.D. by King Bhupindra Malla, this temple stands as artistic grandeur. Bhairavnath temple is dedicated to Lord Bhairab - the god of Terror.

    Dattarya Temple:

    A little further another nice temple, built in 1427 AD, which was built from a wood of single tree, visit and witness exquisitely carved peacock windows located near the temple area.

    Pottery square and market:

    Bhaktapur, also famous for pottery with two main area, the first pottery square is called Suryamadhi east of Dattarya temple square, the oldest pottery square.

    The other pottery located south and close to Nytapola square at Talako’s Potter’s Square, where you can take a stroll along busy market streets to reach pottery site. Watch the craftsman on wheels shaping the clay in a fine shape an old traditions handed from ancient times to this days.

    12 p.m. to 1 p.m. Lunch break in a nice restaurant at Bhaktapur Durbar Square.

    After few hours of exciting tour from on site to another, refresh yourself with lunch break in a nice restaurants for an hour, before starting next tour to Changu Nararyan.

    01 p.m. or 2 p.m. Short drive to Changunararyan Temple for an hour tour.

    From Bhaktapur city area, a drive of less than an hour takes you on winding uphill past rural farm villages and town to reach at Changunararyan.

    A small farming town, size of a village and takes you back to medvial period of time, as you walk through this small town on nice gradual up steps to enter Changunararyan Temple, the oldest beautiful shrine of Nepal located on a high hilltop, this place is also known as Changu or Dolagiri.

    The temple and its premises surrounded by nice woods of champak tree and above from Bhaktapur city and the valley.

    Changunararyan Temple, stood early as 325 A.D. in the time of King Lichavi King Hari Datta Verma, considered one of Nepal richest structures in both ways historically and artistically.

    The temple with first epigraphic evidence of Nepalese history found in the temple compound during the time of early Lichavi King Mandeva around 464 A.D.

    2 p.m. to 3 p.m. End of the tour and drive back to hotel.

    At Changunararyan temple our tour ends, with time to observe around the Changunararyan town, with many souvenirs shops and restaurants walk to car park and drive back to Kathmandu. After a most wonderful time and experience on Bhaktapur City Day Tour.

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