Nagarkot Changunarayan Day Hiking - 1 Day

Nagarkot Changu Narayan Day Hiking - 1 Day
Trip Information
  • Duration1 Day
  • DestinationNepal
  • Difficulty Level Easy
  • Max Altitude2,175 m/7136FT
  • ActivityHiking
  • Group Size1+
  • Trip StartKathmandu
  • Trip EndKathmandu
  • Best TimeSept to Jun
  • Witness magnificent sunrise and sunset views from the vantage point of Nagarkot hills.
  • Soak in the panoramic view of snow-capped mountain peaks, lush valleys, waterfalls, terraced farmland, and traditional villages.
  • Walk on the moderately difficult hiking trail that passes along pine and rhododendron forests.
  • Explore the intricate beauty of Changunarayan Temple UNESCO World Heritage site with insights into its historic significance.
  • Try out local Nepalese cuisines and refreshments along the route of Nagarkot and Changunarayan.

Trip Introduction: One Day Nagarkot Changunarayan Day Hiking

The Nagarkot Changunarayan hiking is one of the popular day hiking trails available in Nepal. The hiking route of Nagarkot and Changunarayan lies near Kathmandu the capital city of Nepal. Nagarkot is a village development committee which lies in the Bhaktapur district of Nepal. Similarly, Changunarayan is a hilltop temple that lies in the Changunarayan Municipality of Bhaktapur district of Nepal.

The Nagarkot viewpoint and Changunarayan hiking allow individuals to immerse in the rich cultural heritage of the Bhaktapur district with an opportunity to see village life. Similarly, the easy hiking trail that can be achieved by any active age group makes the Nagarkot Changunarayan day hike route a popular choice among individuals all around the world.

The hilltop location of Nagarkot (2,195 meters) is also a soothing and wonderful place to get a quick escape from the hustle and bustle of Kathmandu city. Similarly, Nagarkot vintage point and Changunarayan Day Hiking has a grand prize of an amazing view of the Himalayas’ panorama including the view of Mt. Everest and Mt. Dhaulagiri in the west during the clear sky in the background of sunrise and sunset. The Nagarkot sunrise viewpoint also provides a panoramic view of eight Himalayan ranges of Nepal out of thirteen ranges here. Various mountain ranges including the Annapurna Range, Manaslu Range, Numbur Range, Ganesh Himal Range, Langtang Range, Rolwaling Range, Mahalangur Range, and Jugal Range are visible from the Nagarkot hilltop. Likewise, Nagarkot also provides a splendid view of Kathmandu as well as the Shivapuri National Park.

On the other hand, the Changunarayan temple is another marvelous landmark included in the day hike to Nagarkot. Changunarayan is a pagoda-style Hindu Temple dedicated to Lord Vishnu in his incarnation as Narayan and is one of the most visited temples in Nepal. Changunarayan is the most important religious sanctuary of Kathmandu in terms of original, religious, social, and historical points of view. This religious sanctuary gives such a variety of forms of artistic relics of Lord Vishnu which is said to be of the fourth century. This place is taken into government ownership as the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Nepal.

Several alternatives act as a starting point for Nagarkot Changunarayan Day Hiking. Among them, one is from Changunarayan and the other is from Nagarkot. Each of the routes includes a couple of good hour's hikes through traditional picturesque villages encompassing green nature followed by a peaceful hike through the excellent forests, hilly regions, and ethnic traditional villages of Nepal.

The best season for the Nagarkot Changunarayan day hiking is all year round. However, the recommended season is in spring and autumn. These seasons are considered the best season of hiking in Nepal. while hiking can be done in summer and winter also being a single-day hike, it is recommended to do some research regarding the persisting weather condition for a better experience.

What is the specialty of Nagarkot?

The hilltop location of Nagarkot is wonderful in the Bhaktapur district of Nepal. The trail is marked with white and yellow stripes which eases for location. Similarly, the hill station has a viewpoint which is a wonderful spot to look at the snow-capped mountains. The Nagarkot viewpoint also provides a splendid view of sunrise and sunset which mesmerizes anyone who visits here.

What is the specialty of Changunarayan?

The Changunarayan temple located in Bhaktapur district is one of the sacred sites available in Nepal. The temple premise consists of a stone sculpture dedicated to Lord Vishnu as his incarnation of the Narayan. The double-roofed temple is decorated with unique wood carvings that showcase the Newari culture who are the locals of the area. There is also intricate brick, stone, timber, and bronze craftsmanship in and around the main temple.

It is said that when a Brahmin and Gwala (A cow herder) saw a small boy drink milk from the calf alongside a Champak tree, out of range they cut down the tree. Afterward, they saw human blood flowing from the champak tree they were sacred thinking as if what they did was a sin. However, Lord Vishnu emerged from the tree and told that the Brahmin and the Gwala set him free from his sins. After hearing this, they established the temple in the name of Lord Vishnu.

Visitors here can see various religious and architectural marvels including:

  • The Changunarayan temple: Consists of an idol of Vishnu which is considered one of the most beautiful idols ever present in Nepal.
  • Shrines of Goddess Chhinnamasta: Shrine of goddess devoid of a head.
  • Sridhar Vishnu: 9th-century sculpture of Vishnu, Laxmi, and Garuda.
  • Kaileshwor Mahadev Temple: Tiny two-storied temple which is also locally known as the temple of Pashupatinath. 
  • Garuda: Lord Vishnu’s flying vehicle which has a human face.
  • Vaikuntha Vishnu: It is a 16th-century old sculpture that depicts lord Vishnu sitting in a Lalitasan position on one armed Garuda and Laxmi sitting on the lap of Vishnu.
  • Narshimha: Incarnation of lord Vishnu that is seen killing the demon king Hiranyakasyapa to save Parhalad who is his beloved devotee.
  • Garuda Narayan: It is a 7th-century stone sculpture of Vishnu riding on Garuda.

How does the Nagarkot Changunarayan Hiking start and end?

The Nagarkot sunrise or sunset view and Changunarayan day hiking start from the bustling city of Kathmandu. As the day hiking tour initiates individuals will join on a scenic drive from Kathmandu to Nagarkot. Individuals will reach Nagarkot's hilltop location for a splendid sunrise view. As the golden pink hue broadcasts in the snow-capped mountain, the view mesmerizes anyone who makes it in time to witness the sunrise. Similarly, explorers on the hilltop location can click fascinating photographs of the Kathmandu Valley, Shivapuri National Park, traditional valleys, waterfalls, and majestic white peaks. Be sure to identify the highest mountain peak in the world Mount Everest from the Nagarkot viewpoint.

After a memorable and enjoyable time spent in Nagarkot Hill, follow the road back to reach Telkot. After Telkot, the hiking trail to Changunarayan temple begins. The Changunarayan trekking route takes individuals through lush forests, some of the pristine villages, terraced fields, and uphill that offer stunning views of the mountain peaks. While most of the hiking trail is inside the lush forest with green vegetation surrounding the destination, one can see various trees and plants with fascinating surroundings.

The less crowded trail adds an extra touch of comfort and a chance to get together with nature. Similarly, the Changunarayan hiking map is marked with various direction boards along the road that ease the identification of the trail. Similarly, garbage bins are all along the route so be sure to secure your litter and properly dispose of it.

With a hiking time of two hours or more depending upon the pace, individuals will finally reach the entry gate of the Changunarayan temple. At the entry gate, a ticket counter is located where one should pay a small fare for the ticket to enter the temple premises. As the tickets are collected and entry is granted, one officially arrives at the Changunarayan temple.

Upon reaching Changunarayan, visitors will get an opportunity to explore the places in and around Changunarayan. Changunarayan is also one of the oldest temples of Nepal which is dedicated to Lord Vishnu. The Changunarayan temple is a double-roofed temple that is decorated with ten incarnations of the Narayan. There is also a statue of Vishnu seated on Garuda at the northern side of the temple.

Similarly, a sculpture showcasing the Narshingha form of Vishnu which is half man and half lion is also present. With all these, another statue of Vishnu as a six-armed dwarf known as Vikrantha is also present there. Likewise, a black slab painting that supposedly dates back to 1700 years, showing the ten-headed and ten-armed Bishnu can also be seen in the area.

After, the exploration of Changunarayan returns to the bus station located in the lap of Changunarayan. Similarly, as individuals return to the bus station, the representative provided by Holiday Tours Nepal will escort them to a private vehicle for the return journey to Kathmandu. Upon reaching Kathmandu, the Nagarkot Changunarayan day hiking with Nepal Trekking Planner comes to an end.

What is the best season for day hiking to Nagarkot and Changunarayan?

The hiking season in Nepal is all year round. Being a one-day activity, Nagarkot Changunarayan is a splendid option to enjoy for individuals or groups with the elderly and children. The best season for hiking in Nepal is spring and autumn however the experience might be compromised due to weather conditions in winter and summer.

Spring in Nepal typically starts from March to May and it is marked with blooming rhododendron forests that paint the landscape in red and pink. Similarly, spring provides mild weather with a cool breeze which enables comfortable walking conditions. On the other hand, the spring season provides an unobstructed view of the mountain peaks that aids in the splendid panoramic view of the mountain.

Likewise, autumn in Nepal starts from September to November. The autumn season or fall is typically marked by mild weather conditions and clear skies. The green vegetation is followed by color-changing leaves with hues of yellow, orange, red, and brown.  A sense of relaxation is provided by autumn during hiking to Nagarkot as the views are clear with little to no obstruction. The trails are dry followed by cool wind to add an extra touch of satisfaction for walking.

On the other hand, monsoon/summer and winter are the less recommended seasons for traveling in Nepal due to adverse climatic conditions. However, with a few steps of preparation and careful planning, these seasons also provide a splendid environment for exploration. The monsoon season is marked by heavy rainfall while the morning can be foggy. Due to this reason, the sunrise or sunset view along with the panoramic mountain view can be obstructed. Heavy rainfall can also cause the trails to be slippery so extra caution while walking and an extra layer of clothing is required.

Winter on the other hand is marked by extreme cold temperatures, especially at high altitudes. To counter the cold temperature extra layer of cloth is required for the warmth. So extra preparation should be required to visit during such a season.

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  • 4:30 AM: Drive to Nagarkot from Kathmandu or predetermined location
  • 5:15 AM: Reach Nagarkot and start a 5-7 min hike
  • 5:20 to 6:00 AM: Sunrise view from Nagarkot viewpoint
  • 6:00 AM to 8:30 AM: Explore the places around Nagarkot and have breakfast
  • 8:30 AM to 11:30 AM: Hiking from Nagarkot to Changu Narayan Temple via Telkot
  • 11:30 AM to 2:00 PM: Explore around Changu Narayan temple and Lunch
  • 2:00 PM: Drive back to Kathmandu

You will initiate the day tour from Kathmandu. A representative from Holiday Tours Nepal will pick you up from a predetermined location and take you on a drive towards Nagarkot. Upon reaching Nagarkot, you will take a short hike of three to five minutes toward the viewpoint tower. When you reach the viewpoint enjoy the mesmerizing sunrise view with a panoramic view of mountain peaks including Everest, Annapurna, and Dhaulagiri. You can also see some local vendors around the viewpoint are have some tea or a full-fledged Nepali breakfast if you wish in the viewpoint.

Later, after spending quality time in the viewpoint, you can head down to the bus stop and drive towards the starting route of the Changunarayan Hiking trail which is located in Telkot, Bhaktapur. Nagarkot sunrise viewpoint to Telkot is only a five to eight-minute drive.

Upon reaching Telkot begin the hike to Changunarayan hiking route.  Passing through forest area with occasional occurrence of villages you will follow uphill with stone steps. After a while, you will arrive at the village of Changunarayan marked by shops, a tiny town, and vendors.

As you reach Changunarayan temple explore the temple, seek blessings, and put some offerings. Explore the attractions around Changunarayan temple including the Garuda, Sridhar Vishnu, Chhinnamasta, Vishworup, Vishnu Vikrant, Narasimha, and many more.  After a well-spent time in Changunarayan head down for lunch. As you complete the lunch get down and return to your destination on the private vehicle. Once you return to your destination, your Nagarkot Sunrise with Changunarayan temple day hiking with Holiday Planner Nepal comes to an end. Best wishes!!

    Cost Details
    What's Included
    • Kathmandu to Nagarkot and Changunarayan to Kathmandu by private vehicle.
    • A highly experience, helpful, knowledgeable, friendly, English speaking, well-trained, Government license holding guide. Price includes his salary, food, drinks, accommodation, transport and insurance.
    • Pack lunch with bottle of water.
    • Necessary entrance fees.
    What's not Included
    • Your Nepal Visa fees.
    • All the International air fare from and to Kathmandu.
    • All meals and accommodaiton in Kathmandu.
    • Personal travel and health Insurance, Insurance for helicopter evacuation.
    • Your Personal expenses.
    • The Tips to the trekking crews and drive.
    • The trip departs everyday if the year
    • The trip and trek is fully customizable we can customize the trip according to the need and necessity of our clients

    • The trip is available for solo travelers group travelers and private travelers

    • We organize the trip for a large group and can provide service for a group of 100+ members as well

    • If the given date are not appropriate for the travllers and trekkers the trip can be conducted on the custom date provided by our clients

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