Thankot Chitlang Indrasarovar Day Hiking - 1 Day

Thankot Chitlang Indrasarovar Day Hiking - 1 Day
Trip Information

    "Thankot Chitlang Indra Sarovar Day Hiking is a fascinating hiking adventure that takes you to the historical places, one of the big water-source of a kingdom and one of the nature proof favorable climates of the kingdom of Nepal"

    Chitlang is located at 22 KM away from Kathmandu in the South West region. Before the establishment of national highway that connects India and Kathmandu, Chitlang was considered as the “by walking Highway” to reach India and the Southern part of Nepal. This is a legendary place for Nepal where motor cars are brought in to the capital city of Kathmandu by people carrying in over their shoulder as there was not any road to India and southern part of Nepal from Kathmandu.

    There are lots of shreds of evidence, which show that there was the civilized society in ancient centuries in Thankot Chitlang Indra Sarovar Day Hiking region. Numerous temple with stone and wooden artifacts, fascination guest houses, water sources carved in stone relics, the ancient inscription of old centuries available give the confirmation of those ancient civilized society resided here. 

    Chitlang village is encompassed by wonderful green forest that consists of more than 160 types of birds and animals. The magnificent green fields are incorporated fascination of Chitlang. The man-made ‘Indra Sarobar’ lake lies in the southern side of the village. The Kulekhani Hydro Electric Project is based on this Indra Sarobar. One can reach this grand lake site by easy hiking of one or 2 hours from Chitlang.

    The hills of Chitlang offer one of the best hiking open doors around Kathmandu. Rather than traveling through vehicle hiking and trekking is a good consideration to reach Chitlang after the transport drive to Thankot Godam which take around 4-5 hours of climbing. Some of the remarkable sites to see during this Thankot Chitlang Indra Sarovar Day Hiking are:

    Goat Farm and Cheese Factory.

    Chitlang takes pride in Nepal’s only goat cheese processing industry and the largest goat grazing ground in the country along with this first and renowned goat-milk cheese that are products under French technical expertise.

    Ashoka Stupa.

    The historical backdrop of Chitlang VDC has been identified by the Ashoka Stupa which tell the history or visits Indian Emperor Ashoka in its ancient days.

    Indra Sarovar.

    Indra Sarovar, the water source of the Kulekhani Hydropower Project which is established by building a dam in a deep valley in the middle of Kulekhani and Markhu VDCs to gather water from the neighborhood waterways and rivers is an extraordinary model in hydropower engineering. Indra Sarovar spreads over a territory of 7 sq. km is Asia’s first man-made lake. It is likewise a well-known spot for boating and fishing.

    Bhaleswor Mahadev.

    Bhaleswor Mahadev lies in the 2-3 hours trek upwards the mountain from where one can see the Himalayas of Nepal and Kathmandu Valley from the top.


    Taukhel is a traditional Newari village where locales are in living their traditional authentic lifestyle of Newari culture.

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