Champadevi Day Hiking - 1 Days

Champadevi Day Hiking - 1 Days
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  • Duration1 Days

Champa Devi Mountain is situated toward the south of Kathmandu city and is one of the best locations for hiking which is close to the Kathmandu valley. After leaving behind the village and monastery of Pharping the hiking endeavors the path through the foot trails of pinewood forest. During Champadevi Day Hiking almost all the walking is done along the edge due to which it offers the fantastic mountains perspectives along with a 2250 m perspective of the Kathmandu Valley. The birds can be seen taking off underneath the trails. The highest point of the mountain is the religious place and a holy site with the temple of Champadevi where local people perform their ceremonies on their auspicious days.

Pharping is a village which is 30 minutes outside of Kathmandu city limits and is encompassed with a lake called Tau Daha which is a frequent place of visit for bird watching. Newari and Tibetan Buddhist, Hindu, and Hariti worshipers take it as a holy place due to the ancient Dakshin Kali Temple who said to be residing at Pharping in her holy blessings. Pharping is the gateway or the entrance to the holy pilgrimage of Hindus towards Dakshin Kali Temple which is one of the ancient temples of the kingdom of Nepal.

Champadevi Day Hiking is a simple and comfortable day walk in the southern mountain region of Kathmandu valley. This short trekking tour begins in the morning with an hour drive to the delightful village of Pharping which is 16 km south of Kathmandu, lies in the way to Dakshinkali Temple.

This day hiking is held at the height of 2.285meters southwest of Kathmandu known as Champadevi Mountain which is said to be a forest and religious site of both Hindus and Buddhist boasting of this respected Buddhist Stupa and a Hindu Shrine of Champadevi. It is the pilgrimage site for Hindus on full moon day where they visit the temple of Champadevi located at the top of the mountain.

As we begin to climb the woodland trail on the north along the pine forest edge for 60 minutes and again the round bound towards south taking an additional 3 hours of hiking to reach Champadevi Temple at the top of the mountain. In Champadevi Day Hiking there are enchanting woodland foot trails, breathtaking cityscape views of Tau Daha Lake and Kathmandu City along with joyful perspectives of focal Himalayan Ranges on the western side.

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