It is now safe to Travel in Nepal ?

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  • Updated on Aug 14, 2023

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It is now safe to Travel in Nepal

Nepal has always been blessed with natural and cultural aspects, though the earthquake on Saturday, April 25th, with its epicenter in Barpak, has caused us tremendous loss. More than 9000 people died, and more than 23000 were injured. Ancient old buildings were destroyed. Tragic consequences were felt in and around Kathmandu, including historical sites and popular tourist destinations.

You will now see the various perspectives of UNESCO World Heritage Sites (Kathmandu Durbar Square, Patan Durbar Square, Bhaktapur Durbar Square, Changunarayan Temple, and The Swayambhunath Temple) and the historical Dharahara collapsed in the blink of an eye. However, some of the cities, like Pokhara, Chitwan, and Lumbini, stand still. There are still many trekking and travel opportunities available to you. Lots of international tourists are in the dilemma of deciding whether to visit Nepal or not. Well, we understand your hesitation. We are gradually returning to normalcy, and the answer to your question is: Yes, it is now safe to travel to Nepal.

The reason why It is now safe to Travel in Nepal;

No damage in the domestic and international airports, highways, and subways whatsoever.
Communication is perfect
No viral diseases. All the hospitals and clinics are safe for the operation
Out of 35, only 2 trekking routes are affected
Only 10 out of 75 districts are affected
Out of 10, only 1 national park is affected
Hotels in major sites were not affected by the earthquake
Yes, Nepal was struck by a devastating earthquake that had a catastrophic effect in Nepal, but our country is now safe to visit and needs to recover. So instead of canceling your trip to Nepal, help us recover by visiting Nepal, though few popular attractions in Nepal have suffered. There is more to Nepal than Dhara Dhara, Sindupalchowk, and Gorkha. You can always visit other beautiful places that are safe and were not affected by the earthquake. Contribute your precious time to rebuilding this heavenly paradise by visiting it and help the people of Nepal to forget that tragic moment by contributing your support

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