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Trekking in Nepal

“Experience Trekking and Holiday in Nepal with Holiday Tours Nepal”

Nepal has proven to be an aesthetically pleasing destination for trekking and traveling. With the ownership of appealing eight highest mountains of the world out of 14(above 8,000m) which includes Mount Everest (8,848.86m world’s highest) and over 13,00 peaks above 6,000 meters, along with some alluring landscapes which are only reachable by foot, which makes trekking in Nepal one of the best and provides unique experiences for travelers. Trekking in Nepal could be arranged through various trekking routes as per one's choice, trekkers looking for hardcore adventure to those who want to go on a ramble from teahouse to teahouse. Whatever you choose regarding your Holiday in Nepal you would be passing through some of the most spectacular sceneries in the world.

Despite, what many may perceive, trekking in Nepal is not necessarily wandering alone through an uncharted wilderness. But, traveling along within the wild mountains, exotic wildlife, artistic monument, unbeatable natural beauties, and much more with the locals found from place to place adding up the spice and beauty to the trekkers while trekking. Trekking in Nepal is a unique blend of natural and cultural elements.

You will mostly enjoy trekking by exploring peoples, their cultures, rites, rituals, and the exotic nature which includes exotic flora and faunas, climbing a rock wall for navigating across the mountain or entire mountain ranges. For many trekkers, this is a glimpse of completely different culture and is one of the primary highlights while they adventure in Nepal. Beyond this other entertaining activity includes fire camping, bungee jumping, rafting, cannoning and other various activity according to the clients need and necessitates when Trekking in Nepal. While you are trekking at the most popular routes, you could stay the night out at tea houses, with comfortable rooms and good food. Only in the less well known areas is where you would need to camp. (Some people prefer camping anyway but of course, this involves carrying much more weight through the trail). The mesmerizing giant mountains and the snow-peaked Himalayas are worth trailing, one’s own eyes during the trek enables one’s rusty and tired soul to pep up and spark up with divinity. Himalayans and adventure could be regarded as the synonyms of each other as trekkers gets to experience all the essence during the journey.

Trekking, is the most popular activity in Nepal which involves exploring the beautiful nature, floras and faunas residing on it with the highs and lows of the trekking trails. So, if you are up for the challenge, then get ready to get hypnotized through the beauty and get thrilled by the adventure of Trekking in Nepal that you would treasure in your heart throughout your life. The best season for Trekking in Nepal are February to May and September to November, while January and December could also be good, lower down where there is less risk of snow. As we highly expertise in peak climbing services and focus on destinations around the country. Let us take this opportunity to serve you with the best services as we believe our clients deserve the best.

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